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  1. Saw this on eBay and was wondering why is this priced so high. Is there something really extra special about it? eBay link I'm no expert so I'm just wondering if this is just a ridiculous price. Thanks, Ramsey
  2. I recently purchased a Taylor 814 and I love the sound. I also have a J45 True Vintage which I also love. I would say the Taylor is like a grand piano, beautiful sound but lacks soul. The Gibson is like a Honky Tonk piano, it got a sound thats unique. Not technically perfect, but it's got soul. Some songs sound great on a grand piano and some songs were just meant to be played on an old Honky Tonk piano. My two cents.
  3. Do they make these anymore? I've looked and can't find any. I just purchased a J45TV and I love it but I would love to try one of these out.
  4. I just purchased a J45 Custom and I can't say enough good things about it, it is truly one of the best/easiest guitars I have ever played. I am currently trying to sell my J200 because I never play it anymore. I'm waiting to try out a J45TV as soon as Sweetwater, conveniently located 30 min from my house gets one in. I have heard nothing but great things about it also. Just my 2cents. Ramsey
  5. Krasimir: Hey I watched your You-Tube vids, loved the "Beatles - Yesterday" cover you did. Great voice.
  6. Thanks everyone, I will enjoy it, or shall I say have been enjoying it. Now I just need to get good enough so that my talent and the guitar are a little closer together on the scale. Right now the guitar is far more capable then me, I'm trying to catch up. Ramsey
  7. Hello, I have the fortunate or unfortunate depending on how you look at it to live about 25 min away from Sweetwater Music. I went in the other day to peruse their acoustic guitars.... and well.. you know the rest of the story. I left a few hours later with a J200. Wow what a wonderfull sound coming out of this thing. It's loud with the wonderful lows and the highs are crisp and clean. Iv'e always wanted one and with the financial troubles at Gibson I thought I would just buy it now, while a Gibson is a Gibson and not some re-branded Fender or some-other mass market brand. I bought a Compact A
  8. I have a CA Cargo and love it, sounds twice as big as it is. I don't have to worry about taking it out-doors and you could use it as a canoe paddle if you had to. I hope they didn't shut down they're great guitars at least the Cargo is.
  9. Here is a Gibson LG0 I bought off e-bay a couple of weeks ago. I had a Luthier friend put a new rosewood bridge on and some new tuners. He just charged me materials, labor was gratis. I got it for 400.00 I think I got a good deal let me know what you think. I'm not sure if I'll keep it, it was made about the same time I was born so that's kinda cool. Here is a shot of it and a link to more shots I took this afternoon. More shots Thanks, Ramsey
  10. Hello, I recently purchased a used LG-0 off of e-bay and was wondering if I did a "good thing" or a "bad thing". I'm not into collecting so collect-ability is not a priority. I was looking for an older Gibson to play some slide and Blues on. I have a CJ-165, and a Cargo CA that I play now. I payed 406.00 for it and it needs a new bridge but from what I've read about these particular guitars is that they commonly get the bridge replaced. Any ideas as to what this costs? and anyone in Northern Indiana (Fort Wayne / South Bend ) someone can recommend. Here is the link to it on e-bay . Thanks,
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