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  1. Thanks for your kind comments. I really enjoyed your playing at Oxford. I'd love to play in a venue like that someday.

  2. That's exquisite playing!! That's what they mean by hall reverb. Can't get that from a modeling effect.
  3. I enjoyed your playing very much, thank you


  4. It ain't on a guitar. It's kind of a Gibson instrument by the way of Bruce Weber/Flat Iron turned into Weber Mandolins. Angelina Baker - old time fiddle tune in "A".
  5. Yes it does have the pearl dot inlays. I really like playing this guitar. I was a big Martin fan but I love the shorter scale and neck shape. Plus it's sound is more balanced.

  6. I have the same year J-45 you have, a 2007. Does your guitar have a single pearl dot on both sides of your bridge pins on the bridge? I notice the new J-45 TVs with the Adi tops do not. Thanks. Michel

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