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  1. Hi Raveyd don't feel bad, I remember I have commented on your post that the guitar looks fake.. no one knows for sure of they are fakey or not, you just have to be careful. As much as possible do some research before you buy when in doubt, knock it out!!! Hey, you might find this forum thread helpful... how to tell if gibson les paul is fake ------------------------------------------------------------
  2. It's very important to get genuine Gibson tuners they're easy to find and not really expensive different guitars require different tuners... You may be interested in tuners like the KORG GT12 Chromatic Tuner, Fender RT-1000 Rackmount Tuner, KORG DTR1000 Digital Rack Mount Tuner, Danelectro DT2 Tuner, Korg AW1 Micro Tuner, Korg DT10 Digital Pedal Tuner, Rocktron XTune Tuner, and Peterson StroboStomp Virtual Tuner and Active DI. ----------------------------------------------------
  3. It's really nice to hear that he's home safe! your smile tells you how proud you are of your son ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. I want to share a website where there are plenty of Gibson Les Paul special items to choose from. If you are thinking of getting your own guitar, try to check this one --> http://myvintageguitars.net/ -====``~``~``~``~``~``~``~``~``~``~``~``====-
  5. I think the item is okay, though in the photos it looks a little cartoony. If you want to take the risk, go ahead and buy it -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. I've seen the videos.. definitely a two thumbs up!! -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Yellow Submarine Across the Universe Here comes the Sun Yesterday Money Can't buy me love Love me do Let it Be --------------------------------------------
  8. keep those guitars away from cats. I got my spoiled cat a scratching post because he already ruined my furniture with all that mindless scratching
  9. ouch... try to get something that's for real! Nothing beats the genuine Gibson Les Paul guitar -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Those people are really desperate to sell that guitar... so expensive, it's not even a Gibson
  11. Know your enemy - Green Day --------------------------------------------------------
  12. There are many sources of free online lessons in the internet, you can try guitartricks... After that you will enjoy playing that gibson les pauls ------------------------
  13. For me that would be the gibson les paul vixen would be great! -------------------------------------
  14. When I heard that it's free, I immediately checked the website to see the lessons... Now I really have to look for a gibson les paul special guitar -----------------------------------------------------
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