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  1. Bit of a story for you guys today :D a few months ago i got a Gibson Les Paul Classic for a great price and it was a really nice guitar played it for a month or so then decided i wanted to upgrade the Pickups/electrics so i took it to my tech. Whilst i was there he showed me a fairly beat up Gibson Les Paul Special Faded with P90s that was covered in dints and had at some point had a broken headstock which had been repaired with unnecessary extra pieces of wood to keep it solid....although it was a fairly clean break. I thought no more about it until i returned to pick up my now upgraded Classic and it was still there so i said how much you asking and he said £400 so i gave it a try and WOW WHAT AN AMAZING GUITAR GREAT FEELING SMOOTH SATIN NECK AND GREAT P90'S it was love i tells ya. Now to be fair i moved from being a Strat player into Les Pauls and i have always been a single coil person and humbuckers have never been my fancy but i have always like LP tone and the Classic sounded great after upgrades. So after 3 months of owning both and NEVER playing the Classic i decided to get rid and upgrade the shite out of the Special. So here is what i got - Rockmonkey Roadhouse Blue & Gold Handwound P90s - Rs Guitarworks vintage Les Paul kit (with 500k tone pots replaced for 250k) - Faber Aluminum tailpiece and Faber locking studs - Faber abr-1 conversion kit and Nickel Faber bridge with brass saddles - Gibson Button Tuners - Fake 58 Truss Rod Cover - Fake 58 Poker chip and switch tip Now as you can see its an ugly ****ing shade of faded red so i decided a refin was in order so without further adieu here are the before and afters. BEFORE as you can see those circles are pieces of wood that go through the neck but they where completely unnecessary and on top of that two of them arnt near the actual break but its a rock solid fix
  2. precisely nobody posted one :P the double cuts a whole different beast to me
  3. yeah that was the one i was referring too at the top of the page it says its a satin finish but the one in the picture on the same ad is clearly gloss i think it must just be an archive picture and no haha that is pete townshend :P and thanks i love my gear too :)
  4. i believe the pic is of one of a different version that was out which had a gloss finish and binding
  5. seems nobodies posted one of these beauties yet so here is mine :D Les Paul Special Faded
  6. it doesn't have a bound fingerboard i have one
  7. Steve!

    fake or not?

    its deffo a fake mate look at the pics i posted its a vintage(brand) its the same headstock trc lack of binding also the asian style bridge someones just put a gibson deacal on it its worth no more then 120 quid
  8. Steve!

    fake or not?

    Looks like a Vintage(brand) vs6 as seen in this pic the headstock shape and trc match if you paid any more then 120 quid or so you where ripped off there £150 new
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