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  1. I did. I even stated as much in the thread.

  2. Axe,

    I can't load the soundcloud sample for the pedal. Did you take it down?

  3. AXE®

    I liked it, thanks.

  4. clip posted

  5. Izzy

    fixed it, sorry, dude

  6. Izzy

    its in the walk the walk thread, btw

  7. Izzy

    AXE!!! I made you a video. lol

  8. AXE®

    Hey Izz, Not sure what was gong on. I think I have it figured out now. ;)

  9. Izzy

    I was gonna send you a message but it sais you aren't aallowed to get messages...is it 'cause you're so famous you'd get a world of messages?

  10. Not at all. Feel free to use at will, ______________________________ It's my 2003 LP Standard Trans Amber. Loaded with MHD P'ups.
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