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  1. I miss out on all the cool stuff. :(
  2. Left to Right. AFD 100 - AFD 100. Silver Jube. YJM 100. DSL 100.
  3. I top wrap. Therefore it is the correct thing to do. And it's easier to dust under there.
  4. AXE®


    I have a nice Klone by tone. The Jube and YJM love it. Any old 58 or 59 will do.
  5. AXE®

    Hi Guys!

    Other side of the room. With the lo watts.
  6. AXE®

    Hi Guys!

    Good to see so many of the old guard. Where's that crazy Bastid rct?
  7. AXE®

    Hi Guys!

    Lets see. I came to West Virginia to do a 5 week job and met a beautiful young blond bartender. That was almost 2 years ago.
  8. AXE®

    Hi Guys!

    Hi Milo! Good to see you ole buddy. I peek in from time to time. Glad to see you!!!
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