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  1. I looked at a silver burst LP Studio today at Guitar Center. Wow! That thing looked NICE! I'd go for new!
  2. I'm taking this LP to the Doctor tomorrow for a set-up. If it still has significant fret buzz or they say something is defective, its going back to where it came from. $1900 is too much $$$ for that! I'll follow-up later.
  3. Congrats on the new Trad Pro. I've had mine now for about 4 weeks.Also from MF. Did you get a warranty card to send in with yours? How about a truss rod tool? I got niether with mine. I emailed Gibson cust service and they said they would send one, but that was 2 weeks ago. I have some serious buzzing on mine. I'm going to have an authorized dealer check it out. I also have an American Tele. I sold my '79 Stratocaster in order to buy the LP. Rock on man!
  4. Could I ask if you have any fret buzzing problems on that new studio. And congrats! It and that SG look great.
  5. That kind of thing should not have gotten out of the Gibson factory. I would return it if it bugs you. When you buy NEW, you expect better than that. I'm considering sending my new LP back as well. It was shipped from the factory in Jan, I recieved it Feb 5 and 4 of the 6 strings have fret buzz. The quality check off card has a specific space for buzzing, and of course it was checked.Just curious,,do you have any issues with fret buzz?
  6. It is a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro. And yes, it was mail ordered from Musicians Friend. I seriously doubt anyone else had their hands on it between the Gibson factory and me opening the box 2 hours after it arrived at my house. I realize there were probably some significant temperature fluxuations. But this would be the case with most of their guitars anyway.
  7. Was I wrong to expect my new Les Paul to be "buzz free" since it is brand spankin new? The quality card was signed off on Jan 5, 2010. And yes, the inspector checked off on the buzzing line. 4 of the 6 strings buzz when picked openly. I certainly am a little dissapointed to say the least. This is not a $300 Epiphone, its a Nashville Gibson. I raised the bridge to a higher action than I like and still get some buzz. What % of LP's would you say have this buzzing as they leave the factory? Sorry to complain, but for $2000 and a good Pleckin' I expected more!
  8. Yes the Standards do have "Standard" on the truss rod cover.
  9. Why do you think the Trad Pro has nothing on the truss rod cover and the Trad says "Traditional". Costs?
  10. Here is a pic of my new 09/10 LP Trad Pro. Now if I could just get rid of the fret buzz!
  11. Received it about 3 weeks ago. The headstock is stamped 2009, but the Quality card is dated 1/4/10. I've been wanting one for years. I love the guitar,just one complaint,or two. 4 of 6 strings buzz when picked openly. I expected no buzzing from a $2000 guitar. Does ANYONE have a new LP that doesn't have any buzzing? And there is no engravement on the truss rod cover that would identify what flavor of Les Paul it is. Here is a pic:
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