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  1. What about this: MZ8273633... Its from a Ebay listing for a Strat. That number is copy/pasted so the dots may be incenuating (sp?) more digits.
  2. I'm looking into getting one but I don't know where to get one that will accompany my V.. any ideas?
  3. Some other Stones fans might recognize Micawber- Something along those lines... Maybe one of these with a Gibson HB in the neck but a Fender stock bridge pup.
  4. I dont have a hope in heck of getting this in a few days but I thought Id share it cuz it really caught my eye. LINK
  5. Here's the link. The serial number is 04022728 I basically just wanna know where it was made. Thanks
  6. I get the best year of all! 1969 Gibson SG Standard
  7. +100 No doubt where that kick should be either
  8. Very nice. I closed my eyes at one point and thought I was listening to Angus and Malcolm
  9. Im very sorry about this, he obviously does not deserve u. But after this P.O.S. guitar, ur good ones will seem even better!
  10. I would go with the jr. or take a cue from Gary Rossington and try this:- ... Then u can use either
  11. Thanks. I have a "band" technically. Just another case of no drummer... :/
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