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  1. It was a lame comparison 50 years ago. Aside from both band originating from England' date=' they sound nothing alike.


    Answer: Both[/quote']



    True but for some reason this question is frequently asked. Both is a very good answer! [cool]

  2. Izzy there is no excuse for domestic violence and I feel this guy was a total arz in this situation. I wish there was a way to convey in words to the seriousness of my reply and neither you or any woman should have to fear their man or domestic partner.


    He deserves a swift kick from a older brother..............


    +100 No doubt where that kick should be either

  3. I find it crazy how young kids are having sex these days. I'm only 27' date=' and growing up 8th grade seemed to be at the young end of the spectrum. My girlfriend is a teacher at a school here in Florida, and they caught 2 5th graders having "sex" (or whatever 5th graders consider sex?) on the staircase at school. That's the type of stuff that scares me. Or just some of the knowledge (not the good kind) kids have at such a young age now.


    Another story from my GF, a teacher at her school had a glass apple on her desk, and kid in 3rd grade walked up and said "I can make a sweet bowl outta this" (and not the kind you eat out of). Really, a freakin 3rd grader.


    15 year old girls shopping at Victoria Secrets should be the least of your worries, especially at 18.[/quote']


    Wow I cannot believe how crazy the world is. And I thought 8th graders having sex was r i d i c u l o u s; thats just insane!!

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