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  1. R9, were you sober when you sold these?
  2. Thanks. I edited my sig now so I hope that helps. What I really want is a Gibson Chrome Dogear P-90 but I cant seem to find one... Thank you though
  3. Burger Man! Haha XD I love those guys
  4. Can you physically take a soapbar's cover off and put on a dogear? Thanks
  5. Whadda you guys think. It looks different but is she fake? Oh sorry hahaha I forgot the link
  6. Here's yet another pitiful attempt at a fake Les Paul haha
  7. +1 on that. plus the writing on the truss rod cover and the headstock shape are a little off. The finish tipped me off a little...
  8. Mines either a 72 Tele custom or a Les Paul faded or trad. Maybe a 339. WBU?
  9. Definitely cool. Wondering if the bead thing has a name or...?
  10. I ordered a CCR Tshirt a few months ago and recieved these little beads with it. Surfing eBay today I ran across this. Check out the non-bigsby pics
  11. It looks good to me but Im a novice in spotting fakes. What do u guys think? Click Here
  12. Is that third guitar from the left what I think it is?!
  13. Thinkin bout gettin some for my V but Im afraid theyd look gaudy. Any advice?
  14. Haha neat pic. Thanks for sharin
  15. Well for stuff like that my buddy's Marshall Valvestate Series amp is pretty great. My MG100HDFX is also pretty good at it if you get it adjusted right.
  16. Has anyone here played one? Are they really any different than that GOTW similar to it?
  17. Nice one man. I really dig the sunburst Jags
  18. Have u ever tried one of those thinline tele's?
  19. Does anybody here own or ever played a Jag? Id love to see some pics and info on how they play...
  20. +1 on the Allen Collins thing! Haha love the look of that beast
  21. Thanks! Im sure it will too! Hahaha
  22. Ive been lookin around eBay lately and saw this. Ive been needing a rhythm guitar for a while and I wanted to kno if you all thought this was a good buy. The money seems great but do any of u no anything about this guitar? ThankYou...
  23. Idk bout the long ones... Maybe... "Lonnie Mack" it? Haha. The ones in the pic is the look I want.
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