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  1. My senior year' date=' I remember winning the school talent show when my band and I performed Thin Lizzy's "Cowboy Song" and "The Boys Are Back in Town." Fast forward to last year. At my kids high school, the winners of the school talent show were 2 kids who rolled a TV onto the stage and "performed" a song on Guitar Hero.


    Some things are just wrong.[-(



    #-o:-k[bored][biggrin][blink] Terrible; cant believe that would win in a TALENT show... +1 on Thin Lizzy though [cool]

  2. Ive been lookin around eBay lately and saw this. Ive been needing a rhythm guitar for a while and I wanted to kno if you all thought this was a good buy. The money seems great but do any of u no anything about this guitar? ThankYou...

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