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  1. Not sure, but damn they chip easily: http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=30141
  2. Thanks guys, I'm really digging the new white one a lot right now. Man, 15 years playing guitar and I had no idea about there being different bridge types. I thought "tune-o-matic" one and done! Guess not. Now I'm reading up on these and guys seem to be really opinionated (of course, right?) about which is better. ABR-1's seem to be favored. Crazy, learn something new every day.
  3. Hey errybody - I just got a new classic white SG standard last week. One of the first things I did (besides chip the paint job...) was order a new pickguard from WD Music Products. I really dig how these look on my SGs. The heritage cherry is a '96 and the classic white is an '09. There's a problem I noticed though: the holes for the bridge posts have increased in size from '96 to '09. The pickguard I ordered fit perfectly on the '96, but the holes for the bridge on the '09 are larger than the holes necessary for the '96. The holes for the bridge on the new Standard starts in the same exact spot on the tailpiece side as the '96, but then go further towards the bridge pickup and have a greater diameter. Even though WD's pearloid pickguards have the old-style smaller holes, they still works ok with the 2009, but they cut it close. The actual hole the screw goes into for the bridge is butting up right on the side closest to the bridge pickup. Another few millimeters and it wouldn't have worked. I wrote WD an email about this yesterday to let them know they might want to check with Gibson to see what year they changed over to the new, larger bridge post holes and that they might consider offering a "pre-whatever year" style and a "post-whatever year" style of SG Standard pickguard. Does anyone know what year Gibson changed to the larger bridge post hole style? Is this a modification for '09 or has it been like this for a few years already? Original '96 pickguard on left, new '09 pickguard with larger bridge post holes on right: '09 pickguard aligned directly on top of '96 pickguard: The beautiful end result:
  4. Then add a few exclamation points to my last post.
  5. Nice, my new Standard just set me back roughly the same amount on Tuesday (would definitely have bought used but can't find a classic white model locally), so sounds like you got a pretty good deal.
  6. Very cool! How much did you drop on that puppy?
  7. I was totally taken off-guard when I noticed the chips. I don't even remember bumping into anything. Too sensitive!
  8. I'll admit, I'm pretty hard on things in general, guitars included. I expect things to hold up well, in some cases to an unreasonable extent. Even though a socket wrench (and the appropriate sized socket) is something I have with me at every show, I just don't always remember to tighten strap locks amidst the 50 other things to check off my "remember to do" list for the gig (probably because I am so incredibly wasted all the time, right?). The washers are a good option for me because they're low maintenance (and honestly, they work just fine). NCM I dig your guitar cabinets. Very cool way to keep you and the wife happy. I've got a similar situation to deal with, albeit on a considerably smaller scale.
  9. A white '67? Yes please post some pics. I enjoy drooling.
  10. I wasn't re-tightening the actual screw, just the nut on the top of the Schaller. http://www.guitar-parts.com/pictures/1539c/Schaller-Strap-Lock-Set-Chrome.jpg
  11. Thanks for the info BK. Yeah, I didn't notice the tiny crack until I got it home late Tuesday night. Then had practice Wednesday where I was incredibly stupid and nicked the lower horn. (Took a reeeeeeal close look at my heritage cherry standard and it has a smaller, but similar nick. You just can't see it well because the wood is stained underneath the finish, not a completely different color like on the classic white). Due to my own stupidity with the horn, I guess I can't reasonably expect them to allow a return based on the legitimate issue that's not my fault (the neck). Bad timing. Hey I dig your modded melody maker. Did you do that yourself? Semi-related question, I'm selling this for a family friend: http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/msg/1628179513.html Considering it's beat up, am I way off base on price? It's had zero bites for the last two months as I've gradually come down from an ambitious $1,100 to $800.
  12. Well, I had tightened them as much as anyone could at the last gig two weeks before, played for three hours that night, then during the next gig the nut came loose and flew off. Lucky I was holding onto the neck (With SG's, don't you have to always have a hand on the neck? side topic) Just saying, I wish Schallers were a little less like Paris Hilton and a little more like Tina Fey.
  13. So, I took the guitar to a reputable local vintage guitar shop this evening (www.williesguitars.com) to have them check it out. They told me the very small neck crack you see in the first picture below by the nut might become a warranty issue in the future but it's totally fine for now: They thought it was shipping damage, seen it on other Gibsons. Also possible it's a result of the guitar getting too much dry heat at some point. As far as my own stupidity in bumping into the mic stand on the first fricken day I really played it, they eased my mind saying they've got guys who can fix these chips for about $100 or less. I'm not going to get them fixed, as I'm fine with some character, but it just sucks this happened on day 1. A year or two from now this would be no big deal. These white finishes are so touchy compared to the heritage cherry! Haven't even taken the plastic off the pick guard yet! Agh!!!
  14. NeoConMan, the washers are rubber. They're not going to spontaneously combust. To pohatu771's point, they actually make it difficult to remove the strap even when you want to (which I will concede is the biggest drawback to using washers). I've had the Shaller's fail on stage when I've forgotten to tighten them that night. They come loose when you jump around. Not cool.
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