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  1. Hey guys.. well thing was I had bought it out on ebay. But I cancelled the order "bad style" but I don't really trust this article I instead bought a mint Traditional Pro Ebony for 1450,- In the end, it apealed a bit more to me with a 60s style neck rather than a deform 50s of the 2008 standard. It's important to me with a smaller neck. I have an Axcess with a rounded neck i really like.
  2. Are Nine: that should I have paid? where to find it cheaper?
  3. Haha, but it's brand new, and they retail 2500 as far as i know in the US? Sry.. i'm danish.. and here they freakin retail at 2900.
  4. Thanks for your thoughts so far yeah I also wondered about that! I guess it's but pasted from somewhere. A little question to you 2008-2010 Standard ebony owners... is it true the S/N is very hard to see due to a thick layer of paint?
  5. hello there guys. I just bought this guitar.. Can someone tell me if this is a fake or not? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260585103690
  6. Hey there. i'm in the marked for this guitar. Can someone tell if this is fake or not? Seller claims its a 2005 model. Serial: 02005609
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