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  1. Does anyone know where I might obtain small replacement speakers like Epiphone used in their Acoustic Regent 30 amp?They are 5 inch. kuvash
  2. I have an Epiphone Regent 30 Acoustic amp. It's great for what I use it for. At times I have wanted to use the external speaker jack outlet(1/4"). What would be the largest speaker I could use(8ohm)? I have an extra 10" speaker that I changed out on a Fender amp ....could I build a box and use this speaker without any problems? Open or closed cabinet? When I use the external speaker does it shut down the four 5" internal speakers? thanks kuvash
  3. That's why I was asking....I am on the list with two dealers and they don't seem to have any idea, in fact they first heard of them from me.Go figure.It's not just Gibson though, I have had trouble this past year with a particular model from Fender too. kuvash
  4. Anybody,seen one,got one,played one,bought one ,now playing one? kuvash
  5. Are you sure it's with your cousin?......oh man.......now what am I gonna do? My sister always thought that I liked my cousin better anyway. kuvash
  6. So I see (now) on your gear list....What about the prophecy GX? kuvash
  7. Hey,hold on ...what kind of dobro.I have an Epiphone MD30 Dobro(round neck).Right now I have it in Nashville tuning. kuvash
  8. Thanks....I had already narrowed my search down to a vypyr 60 and then these mustang IIs came out so I got interested, usually an Epiphone Sg or Fender JA90 through them plus or minus a few others,Thanks. kuvash
  9. Crust....nice....and the same to be said for the rest of your collection.How do like that mustang II amp...that's my next thing. kuvash
  10. I have an SG Vintage made in Korea Aug ,'03.I really like this guitar.It has a bound neck,Grover tuners,and so on.I tend to favor it over my teles.Sometimes I use it for slide so I find myself going back and forth between open G and std.tuning.I think that I am going to buy another for a dedicated slide guitar.I want another SG (not an LP)any comparisons betwen this one as it was made in Korea and the later models made in China?......it doesn't have to be a vintage or faded varity. kuvash
  11. I am just curious about this also.I have a PR150 it was okay but not great..after messing around with it I settled on some light Earthwoods for strings but what I really noticed was that this guitar really came alive when I used a pickup on it,not just louder,it really came into it's own.I am very happy with it.I have used three different sound hole pickups on it ,all good.Played through an Epiphone acoustic amp.Sometimes I mic this amp and play it through another Fender amp.It sounds it's best with a single coil.Anyway ,this one ,I will continue use with a pickup....may even mount another typ
  12. Does anyone here have any of the Epiphone resonator/dobro guitars?I have an MD30,round neck,heavy guitar....I like it, set up in Nashville tuning.Just curious if there is anyone else out there? kuvash
  13. Sorry about that... I have an FT140 Norlin Made In Japan...purchased in a pawn shop ,they were asking 125 for it though I got it for considerably less.Mine has an adjustable bridge which was good as I wanted it for "slide"....it has very good tone and was in pretty fair shape except for some fret wear(they had been dressed previously) It had med. PB strings on it with an .010 for the high E when I purchased it.I use ghs RB1600 on it made for G tuning.As I said it sounds good.I did have to shim the neck bolt holes.I use open G tuning but it plays very well even in std. tuning.....not worth a fo
  14. Just adding to the mix if I may.Though not the pearl in the oyster,I have an FT140 Norlin M
  15. Dennis as an addition I have found the same to be with a rosewood body and a spruce top."play it hard". There is even a review from another manufacturers website that says something very similar.I don't know how this site is for mentioning their competition..(as far as websites) kuvash
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