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  1. As we used to say in Texas, "That dog don't hunt." I have somehow played guitar for all these years and have never heard of this guy. If this video is an examplar of his insight and logic, I'm not surprised. Lemme see if I've got this straight.... He criticizes CEO James Curleigh for making videos outlining his vision of what Gibson should be doing. THAT'S WHAT CEOs DO. They spend time formulating a corporate vision and selling it to investors, Wall Street, customers, distributors, etc. So what if he's not making videos targeting 15-year-old shredders, assuring them they'll be famous if t
  2. Excellent job! And, yes, it is great to see Crowell covered. He really is a craftsman. I wonder, though.... Why not show us YOU singing the song? I know some folks like to show just their hands, but unless you're Tommy Emanuel or Billy Strings showing us your licks, I want to see you singing. That's a big part of what makes the performance of a song (especially a good one like you've done here) a human experience.
  3. Beautiful playing on a beautiful guitar! You can cook the top, you can copy the specs, you can put every trick in the luthier's book into, but few things beat the sound of a well-kept 78-year-old guitar.
  4. I wonder what a Ren Ferguson build goes for....
  5. Switched to Martin Monels (13s) on my J-35 a couple of summers ago and have never looked back. I think they sound great and the guitar responds well strumming or finger style. They are impossible to get in Cyprus, so I had to have them shipped from the U.S.; with the post office screw up last fall, it only took a month and a half to get them. I needed to change strings before they arrived, so I went back to my go-to string, EJ-17s, which I've always found a good, dependably consistent string, and boy howdy, could I tell a difference. Couldn't wait for my package to arrive in the mail....
  6. Welcome. Hard to beat a good J-45. I used to live in Texas (Amarillo, Brownsville and then Dallas) and now live in Nicosia, Cyprus. At present, though, I'm in Manchester, UK, visiting family. We picked a great time to come to England....
  7. They're built to handle mediums and in the opinion of your gentle herald, you need mediums to get the tops moving.
  8. I'm a lefty but play a guitar strung right-handed, so that guitar would be perfect for me if I were anywhere near it. The thing that strikes me is that unless the guitar came that way (I have my doubts) whoever removed the original righty pickguard did it very early in the guitar's life. Otherwise, there'd be a "suntan" of some sort showing where the original pickguard was. I'm no expert in examining photos, but I can't see any evidence of even a slight tan.
  9. My guess: Once it sinks in, you won't miss them. Fewer guitars to worry about. Besides, the music is in YOU, not the guitars. And even if it were in the guitars, you've still got two REALLY NICE GUITARS.
  10. Nothing like a great new guitar to put a spring in your step or, in your case, spring in your hands. Here’s to your continued recovery! There’s a guitar shop near me in Nicosia (although I’m in Manchester UK as I write this) that has a couple of Sigmas. They seem good guitars for the money. The best guitar is the one that lets you play....
  11. Looked it up. Barcus-Berry Hot Dots: https://reverb.com/item/26246090-barcus-berry-hot-dot-transducer
  12. Just listening on my phone (in a noisy house) I didn’t catch the name of the bad pickup that screwed up the guitar. What was it? (And heaven knows that era was filled with bad pickups....) Also, as a happy J-35 owner, someone sell me on the J-50. Not that I need another guitar, but I’ve looked at some online at Sweetwater. What, if anything, does the J-50 offer that a J-45 (or J-35) doesn’t? Fill me in.
  13. Jumping in late here, but having read through the whole thread, I noticed the OP devoted a grand total of 10 words to how the guitar sounded: "Whats crazy, the guitar still sounded decent, but nothing amazing." First of all, we know little about the OP's bona fides so we don't know if he/she actually has some basis for knowing the difference between "decent" and "amazing." Is he a backporch player or a gigging musician? Is she just starting out or a studio whiz? What other acoustics does he/she own? I know guys who think Taylors sound "amazing," and being a Gibson owner, I question their
  14. Fine job! Good tempo. A lot of people who cover that song tend to speed it up, keeping the pathos from coming out.
  15. I’ve got these. They work well: https://www.pinegroveleather.com/guitar-accessories/guitar-strap-jack-endpin-adaptor Also, you can get an Xacto knife and enlarge the holes is your current strap. Just cut off a small bit at a time and test-fit often.
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