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  1. ^ This, times 100. Like most of you, I've played good Martins, great Martins and Martins that, in the words of Steve Earle, "still thinks it's a tree." Same with Gibsons. The ones I have owned of both brands were great guitars, for me. They inspired me. I'd read good reviews on the Farida OT-22 before I bought mine in the summer of 2019. I figured it would be a good, dependable guitar to take overseas and if something happened to it, I was out a $423 investment -- not a huge amount of money as guitars go. I wasn't prepared for how much I would like the guitar, though, and how it fits my style and has inspired me. So, yeah, just play the darned thing. As long as the guitar is set up properly and physically stable, the music will figure itself out.
  2. Thanks! I appreciate it....
  3. I'm not sure it even rises to the level of "fake." More like, "bad joke."
  4. It's been quite a month.... First, I added a new EP, "Murder Ballads of the Texas Panhandle," to my website. And now I've added a second new six-song EP, "Postcard." The concept behind "Postcard" was simple: Each song had to be 100 words long exactly. Not 99, not 101, but 100 -- maybe as many words as you could fit on the back of a postcard. They are simple recordings done in my kitchen on my iPad, but the talented Don Arney of Quantum Productions in Terre Haute, IN, was able to sweeten them up a bit. Check them out here: https://davidhannersmusic.com/postcards-2/ Thanks!
  5. "Worth the price" is a subjective approach. What may be worth the price to me may not be worth the price to you, and vice versa. As others have noted, when you find a good J-45, it is worth every penny. I've got a J-35 that I now consider a steal when I bought it new for $1,600 in 2016. Similarly, I've got a Farida OT-22 (their take on the LG-2) that is an amazing guitar and cost $423. If the J-35 was a steal, the OT-22 is felony theft. It just should not sound as good as it does, but it does. Of course the big difference is where these two guitars are made. Yeah, I prefer an American-made guitar (particularly as a 20-year union member) but after having lived abroad since 2014, I really do see it is a global economy. And it's not like the Farida cut American workers out of the picture entirely; an American worker (probably Union) unloaded the guitar shipment from the freighter, an American trucker transported it to Elderly Guitars in Michigan and an American worker sold it to me. Just find a guitar you like that inspires you. It'll be worth it to you, and that's all that matters.
  6. Thanks for that. His tale sounds harrowing, and I'm glad he's got a treatment plan in place. That sounds scary.
  7. The guitars look cool and it’s good to see the all-solid-wood construction and the finish seems a great improvement. But as others have noted, if a guitar demo video features the guitar plugged in, it is more a demo of the pickup/sound system than of the guitar.
  8. Fine job on a Gary P. Nunn classic! Thanks for sharing it.
  9. I’m having trouble telling from the photo.... Is the black portion a separate piece that is inset into the white border piece? Maybe the glue melted the plastic? It does look out of place on a pricey guitar. What of finding a local woodworker or jeweler who could make something similar? Except with cleaner edges, of course.
  10. Over the past three months or so, I've been in the studio recording an EP, "Murder Ballads of the Texas Panhandle." I think we recorded 10 tunes, but I winnowed the EP down to six, and they are up at SoundCloud. The songs are bare-bones, but if you've ever been to the Panhandle, you know the simple, windswept approach may be called for. (Plus, just try finding a banjo player in Cyprus....) I was hoping to add a buddy of mine in the U.S. who blows a great harp on a couple of tunes, but his recording engineer had ProTools crash on his computer (losing about a third of my buddy's new CD in the process...) so for better or worse, it's just me. Please give 'em a listen if you have a few minutes to spare. Let me know what you think.
  11. While maple isn't my thing, it's a beautiful guitar. And, yes, treat yourself to a pro set-up. It is worth every penny. I'm glad others have warned against keeping the tuner clipped to the headstock. If they hadn't, I was going to say something IN ALL CAPS because that is the fastest and surest way of screwing up a nitro finish. Clip the tuner on, tune up and take the tuner off. Same goes if you use a Kyser capo. Don't stick it on the headstock. Better yet, don't use a Kyser capo. They suck and there are lots better capos out there. I'll issue the same warning about leaving the guitar on a stand for long periods of time. Don't. Even stands that advertise themselves as "nitro-friendly" cause problems if you leave the guitar on them for days at a time. And fixing a problem with a nitro finish means your guitar will be in the shop for awhile. Nitro takes forever to cure. Many of us (including your gentle herald) have learned this the hard way. Above all, play the heck out your guitar and be thankful you have a nice one. But remember the music is in you, not the guitar. The guitar is just a tool.
  12. Masterful job. Guitar/pickup sound good to my ears....
  13. Congratulations on a great-looking guitar. I bet it is a fine example of Gibson's best.
  14. Thanks. I appreciate your insights. And yes, some of the songs have been rewritten. Yeah, it would be nice to have fancier equipment for recording, but this retiree is doing the best he can with what he can afford. Plus, I have to be realistic. A fancier mic isn't what stands between me and fame....
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