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  1. Here’s Frank Ford’s take on the job: http://www.frets.com/FretsPages/Luthier/Technique/Guitar/Bridges/HumBirdBr/hbirdbr1.html I had it done years ago to a J-45 ADJ. can’t recall the price. The guitar sounded better afterwards and I was not sorry I did it.
  2. Not a fan of the headstock, but if the price on the Roy Smeck were decent, the headstock wouldn’t dissuade me from considering it.
  3. Yeah, let's bring genitalia into it. Makes sense. Because we haven't piled on the buyer enough.... What if the buyer is female, though?
  4. While tuning during a show, Steve Earle will sometimes say of a guitar, "It was in tune when I bought it...." But he says it as a joke. My off-the-wall guess: He bought the guitar without telling his wife/girlfriend, and she found out. Absent a bona fide issue with the guitar, he had to make something up in an attempt to return it. He could fix things with his wife/girlfriend or look stupid to a stranger, and most of us will pick the "look stupid to a stranger" option every time. If he bought a car and got buyer's remorse, would he try to get a refund on the car by claiming he doesn'
  5. The DeArmond 210 is a soundhole pickup, isn't it? You can put it in and take it out. I'm not sure there is any permanent alteration to the guitar that is required. If you're unsure, get something that is definitely a removable soundhole pickup, like a Baggs M1. It can be used without altering the guitar, although one option is to install an endpin jack; the pickup itself is fully removable. The M1 also comes with a cord that allows the pickup to be used without an endpin jack.
  6. Thanks for providing the laugh of the day. Yes, of course anyone with the money can buy a Gibson. But until Gibson matches Martin's production numbers and ubiquity, they will still pretty much be an acquired taste that you have to search out. In the U.S. and abroad, I can walk into quite a few guitar shops and try out several different models of new Martins. But I can probably count on one hand the number of shops I've walked into with a row of new Gibsons hanging on the wall. Trying buying a new Gibson online at Elderly. That's not a knock on Martin; I've owned three, as best I can recal
  7. Wow. I could stop right there because "Wow" really sums it up, but what a beautiful job on that song! The ache in your voice is perfect; it's not overdone, but we feel it. You knocked that one out of the park.
  8. VERY nice job! It is a thoughtful song and a really nice melody. As others have noted ,I'd bring the vocals up, and as I've mentioned on your stuff before, sing with confidence. You do a fine job. If anything, I'd edit out a few words here and there to give your voice some breathing room (literally and figuratively) but that's just one guy's opinion. Keep at it. You have a lot to offer, and we enjoy it.
  9. Awhile back I wrote a song called “Belle Ayr” about the big coal mine in Wyoming. Parts of it I was happy with but parts of it bugged me. I decided to take another stab at it yesterday. I kept the parts I liked (which amounted to one verse and another verse I rewrote and turned into a chorus) and refocused the song and wrote three new verses. In the U.S., we have a romantic (?!?) view of coal miners being guys who spend all their time underground and have dirty faces and lamps on their hardhats. But the truth is that for the past half-century, most of the coal mined in the U.S. has come f
  10. We'll see if the logo comes to pass. I emailed Gibson's R&R shop to see if it was work they would do. Short answer is they do, and the "ballpark" quote they gave me for refinishing the headstock faceplate and silkscreening an "accurate" script logo in white would be $525. I have to pay shipping to and fro, so that adds to the cost. I'd also have to wait until I'm back in the U.S. (perhaps this summer) since they don't ship internationally. For that kind of money, I could get a Farida slope, a Guild DS-240 or an Epiphone IB'64 Texan -- or any of another dozen things I think I need
  11. Been looking online at vintage J-35s and LG-2s. (Not to buy, sadly....) Some have white/cream tuner buttons, and a few have black. Were there years they came with black, or did Gibson just slap on whatever they had around? Or were the black-buttoned tuners something owners added later? In short, was there any rhyme or reason why some had white and some had black?
  12. I lived in Amarillo, south of Tascosa, for a couple of years. That was a long time ago. Tascosa (or "Old Tascosa") is the locale of a cowboy murder ballad I wrote, "The Death of the Cowboy Frank Norwood." I did an EP, "Murder Ballads of the Texas Panhandle" (it is at www.davidhannersmusic.com) and I'm thinking of expanding it to a full album and "Frank Norwood" would be on it. (And I'm playing a J-35 in the video.) Apologies for the momentary hijack. If you find a Hummingbird that grabs you, grab it. Well, pay for it first. A good Gibson (and there are many out there) is
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