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  1. Yes, I can't believe I waited so long to get an SG as well. I just got one a little over two years ago, and I can't believe I waited so long! I really LOVE my Special Faded... No neck dive, light as a feather, great tone from the 490's, and I even love the "faded" look of the wood - the feel of the back of that neck is to die for!
  2. I'm still pretty happy with it. Impressed with it for a bill, that's for sure..
  3. Congrats! That's some nice flame on that one.. I've got a Dot as well and love it, but I am looking to replace the stock pups - as mine do sound muddy. (Particularly the neck pickup.) I'm in the process of checking out used Seth Lovers or Gibson 57's, or DiMarzio PAF Pros, etc. on eBay.
  4. Yep, I love my Dot also, but I am gonna have to swap out those muddy pups on mine, I've decided - at least the neck pickup, anyway...
  5. Sweet! Looks a lot like my '96 Standard Plus Top Honeyburst.
  6. I gotta say I was fairly impressed with the Epi Jr. I bought this one for a hundred bucks about 6-7 years ago as kind of a "beater" and maybe a mod project. I figured I would definitely replace the stock humbucker for a Mean 90 or similar, but I have to say - I really like this humbucker! And I also REALLY like the neck on this one. Tuners are the weak spot, but they work well enough that I have just left them in.
  7. You got it - dirty fingerpickin' blues on this baby!
  8. Ha! It's not a guitar. It is a metal "guitar" sculpture that my wife got me at Pier 1, since I'm a gee-tar freak!
  9. Definitely looks like a Worn Cherry Faded. But on the other hand, it sure is glossy for a Worn Faded, though.. Hmm...
  10. My '64 LG-O is, I believe, considered a 3/4 size body. Great for sitting around working on stuff by yourself. Doesn't project that well for jamming with others with full-sized acoustics, but definitely has its place. Great guitar for fingerpicking blues..
  11. Looks like the green pads may be the way to go..
  12. No, I haven't tried using the Scotch-Brite pad yet. I thought I might try it on my Dot neck soon, though. When I do (which will probably be pretty soon), I'll let you know how it turned out, but lots of players seem to have good results on sticky poly necks with the Scotch-Brite pads, I'm hearing.. Not sure about the grade to use, though - Anybody know?
  13. I ordered a Gretsch case from MF for my Gretsch G5120 a while back, and it arrived with some gouges and scratches (see pics). The handle was also really scratched up - it was on the other side of the handle in the pic here.. I guess it wasn't that big of a deal in this case (no pun intended). But I just wanted them to be aware that some of these new cases were being shipped out with imperfections - as I didn't order a "B stock" case... The scratches didn't affect the integrity of the case, but I called them and told them of the dings (and offered to send proof photos). They said don't
  14. Never heard of Rose pickups, but have heard of Bill Lawrence.
  15. Good advice. I plan on keeping this Dot, though, as I love pretty much everything about it. I usually don't like fat necks, and this one definitely has one. But for some reason the chunky neck on this Dot works for me, other than being a little sticky - I might take a Scotch-Brite pad to it soon.. I had the guitar set up with the action I like (low), plus I love the medium jumbo frets. (Although they feel more like vintage frets to me on this one..) It's just those muddy pups that are starting to bug me...
  16. Yeah, I think any of these mentioned will probably do the job.
  17. OK, good to know. I am thinking eBay for used 57's or similar might be my best bet..
  18. I've got 490's in my SG Special Faded and love 'em.
  19. Kind of glad you guys don't think the wiring, pots, etc. is that big a deal because to be honest, I really didn't want to have to do that anyway. So the search for pickups only is on then. I am still thinking used 57's on the Bay might be my best bet..
  20. Hmmm.. Man, my choices are getting harder and harder... Looks like it's gonna be a tough decision.. Thanks for all the candidates you listed here, Blueman!
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