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  1. after few week now. this guitar come my first guitar. even better than my Gibson Les paul trad 2010. and of course the sustain on this Genesis is wow
  2. thanks for the info but after 15 minute the guitar was already sold
  3. Hi i found this guitar on a ads and i never see this guitar before and the price is under 100$ this a real one or the mising link here some pic thanks again for the help
  4. Hi i would like to buy a good Acoustic or electro-acoustic guitar. But i don't want to spend over 1000$ and i would like to know wich epi is the best or other brand. Because my last electro-acoustic was GWL (George Washburn limited) the kind of guitar you find in Cosco or Wal-Mart and now i want a good one give me some advice please.
  5. but this epiphone was a real Americain before Gibson bought it but i'm not an expert
  6. one more thing i forgot to say this guitar have very long sustain. than almost when the sustain start to dead it start to feedback just like hendrix wow and this guitar for me is better than new Gibson les paul they made today
  7. I just got my Genesis Custom 1980 today the guitar is in very good shape play well everything original. but is the second Genesis i saw with Scallop fretboard. the first one i saw on the web was a black deluxe but some people say the genesis never come with scallop. but look mine if it was home made the job was done pretty well because you can see the black original line here some pic and here the scallop fretboard and look you can see the original black line. if is not epiphone they did that on custom. the job was made by a pro i just find on the epiphone genesis lover some pic of th
  8. after some reflection and reseach i decide to make the trade to get this nice Epiphone Genesis Custom 1980 some pic will follow when i will get tomorow afternoon
  9. thanks again for the fast reply. i know it seem i'm giving alot of guitar for this one, but the peavey I don't use anymore, the granada les paul same, the horner with the floyd i don't shred anymore but I can use my two real fender strat and the partcaster same as the 2 first one I don't use anymore and the acoustic the same and i still have other guitar i use. like my 2 real fender strat, my Godin LG Signature serie and 2 Epiphone, my 1960 tribute and my classic one. and if the Genesis look better than the picture it worht near 700$ according to the blue book and all my guitar i put on my ads
  10. here the link of the guy who want to make the trade http://ottawa.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-musical-instruments-guitars-1980-Epiphone-Genesis-W0QQAdIdZ406530889
  11. Hi, I have the chance to have this guitar (1980 epiphone Genesis Custom in dark sunburst) I ask this because i put ads on Kijiji to trade all those guitar for some Epiphone model here the link of my ads http://ottawa.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-musical-instruments-guitars-your-Epiphone-for-all-this-W0QQAdIdZ406922555 I just want to know if i do a good trade for all my guitar I list in my ads for this Old genesis custom and the guitar look in very good shape every think original but the guy have do not have the hardcase can you help me please i just want to know if this guitar is work
  12. yes you can find almost in every music. if you are from Canada. long and mcquade or L.A music and from the state Guitar center oup! i saw you are from Brazil. but i think you can order from Guitar center
  13. Hi, me i will say go with the Epiphone "Tribute" Les Paul Standard take a look at this link http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Epiphone/Tribute-Les-Paul-Standard/Specs.aspx for me this guitar is the best Epiphone and it come with HSC and is better than a Gibson les paul studio(made in usa) but imo
  14. thank for the reply. i just send some pic to gibson to have more info with the serial number. but i would like to know if your serial begin with F just like me and my serial is not stamped, but Impressed into back of headstock, but i have some difficulty to read because when they paint the headstock the almost filled the serial and thanks again
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