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  1. +1 - my old '74 SG also worked as we described, I.E. you could turn one pickup all the way down and the other would still function.
  2. LeftyF

    *Slight* Damage

    "And the award for worst headstock repair ever goes to..." Looking at that I have to doubt if those strings are even up to pitch
  3. Depends on why it's buzzing and where. Could be anything from the nut slot being cut too low to needing a truss rod adjustment.
  4. If it makes you feel better: http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=32145
  5. My first good guitar was a '67 SG Junior. It was a great guitar and I wish I had never sold it, but I ended up trading it in on a '74 SG standard as it was a more versatile guitar. Best bet is try the JR as well as a few other guitars in that price range (Studio, etc) and get the one that suits you best. Also as stated above check out used guitars as you'll get a much better deal. I personally prefer used as they are "pre broken in" ;-) Good luck!
  6. Thanks for the sanity check. I don't think it's the end of the world. I just wanted to make sure this was not unexpected. Shows how much I change the levels at the guitar! I usually use a volume pedal on the input to deal with level changes, but I was messing with the mix between the 2 pickups and noticed it. Thanks for the confirm
  7. This is kind of an odd question perhaps, but as this is the only 2 vol / 2 tone Gibson I currently own I have nothing to gauge it against... I have a '90 R0 with a Seymour Duncan Screamin Demon in the rear position. When I have the guitar on the front pickup setting, the volume for the front pickup works as expected (full range of volume from 1 to 10). Same goes for the rear pickup. When I have it set to both pickups, lowering the volume of either the rear or front pickup works to a point, but once either volume is around 2 to 0 there is no signal from either pickup. So, is this expected behavior on a 2 vol 2 tone Gibson or is mine in need of some trouble shooting? Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been answered somewhere!
  8. Thanks! An update to the rear pickup. It turns out it's a Screamin Demon from the SD custom shop, wound by MJ (who is apparently legendary for her pickup winding skills). It's a hot rodded pearly gates, so seems to be a good fit with this guitar. It sure sounds amazing. Here's a pic of the back, as well as the front route:
  9. Yea, I'd see if they fit and if not take it to someone to replace the studs. It won't do you much good if you rip the top apart getting them out!
  10. My Les Paul is a '90 R0 Flame Top I run a few rigs depending on what I'm doing: Rig 1) for big rooms / outdoor gigs ADA MP1 -> Hughes & Ketner Cabinetulator C speaker emulator -> TC Electronics G-Major -> BBE 462 -> Rane PE 7 parametric EQ -> AB 600 Power amp feeding a BLB Sound cab with 2 x 12" Celestions - pedals = Ibanez TS9 - ART Midi control - Boss Volume pedal (input volume) - Roland real time control pedal (output volume) Rig 2) medium room Vox AD120VTH -> BLB cab Rig 3) small room Ibanez TS-9 -> VOX AD50 Rig 4) 2nd recording rig (direct) ART Power Plant preamp -> Rane 32 band graphic -> Alesis Quadraverb I like lots of options...
  11. Looking at it the things I see are the volume knob is level with the bridge, and the pick guard should droop slightly at the corner, where this one is straight across. Also the center of the headstock is too high at the "center of the book" and the B tuner is too close to the binding. All that said I don't yet trust my "fake radar"
  12. Unless those two pedals were custom made for Jimi hendrix you got an insanely good deal.
  13. I would go with the screwless pick guard suggestion, or just leave it off. If you are not prone to driving your pick into the face of the guitar and keep your nails short on your picking hand it should not be an issue. I have several guitars I've been playing for years with no pick guard and they are none the worse for wear. I also went out of my way to get a Les Paul without a pick guard as I think they look better that way, and I'd rather not have a hole in the face of the guitar. Now if you use metal or stone picks then... My two pennies
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