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  1. Ok, I did it. I decided today was the day to transfer the old battery to new. I bought 2 pair of the batteries, and after cutting the shrink wrap that was around the old batteries being careful not to cut your wire, I de-solder the two wires and the connecting plate on the bottom of the batteries from the assumeingly bad batteries. I re-wrap the new batteries with a short piece of electrical tape and re-soldered. I decided to do a test charge and for about 30-45 seconds I had nothing, no lights (Got extreme nervous at that point). Then it started charging, it took about 30 minutes to get a full charge. It also fix and issue I was having before the batteries completely died. of my guitar cutting out while playing make lowered sound then no sound at all.


    So the issues I was having before making me suspect the batteries.


    1. I went to charge my guitar and when I pulled the MCK the blue lights came on and and went into a semi circle rotation, around the control MCK knob and would not stop.

    2. Fading in and out guitar. Guitar would stop playing or making sound until I moved switches or pulled the MCK in out several time.


    cost of material 4 batteries $8.95, shrink tubing $0.75 only because I had to buy a 5 foot second, Home depot, Lowes and most hardware stores carry it. My time to complete the job only because it was the first one, and I took my time, I did 0.45 minutes I am going to do it again to make a YOUTUBE video so be prepared.


    As a final statement $60 dollars from Tronical (when there in stock) for batteries is crazy.

    soldier and solder iron shrink tubing new batteries roughly $6.00 to $10.00 and your back in buisness


    I will try to do the video this weekend so no one else has to bother paying absorbent prices for a battery. I will be glad to answer any questions you have, But chances are I will be selling my robot to buy a real Gibson, (Gibson this put a sour taste in my mouth) that want depreciate in value.


    good luck, and hope this works for you also.


    Hi :) Did you ever get around to posting that video? If so, could you please link me up? My Dark Fire is dead :(

  2. Hi,


    I'm having trouble charging my Dark Fire. I was away, so haven't used it in about a year, but now when I try to charge it, I get nothing. No lights, no charge, absolutely nothing...


    I read online that a shorter cable might be required, and made sure I got the shorted (ONE FOOT!) stereo cable that I could find, and still, it shows no signs of life when I plug it into the charger. The charger's blue light is on, but doesn't change at all when I plug the guitar into it.


    Any help appreciated!


    I'm worried that my battery might be dead and in need of replacing, but if so, I have no idea where I'd do that, or if it's something I can do myself, or where I can find a replacement battery.


    I'm in Dubai at the moment.



  3. Hi,


    I recently purchased a Dark Fire, and for a while, everything worked fine. But a few days ago, the low E powerhead is no longer working. I've checked to make sure the string is mid-bride inset, etc - and all the other strings tune just fine. The MCV know still tells me that it's out of tune, so that's not the problem.


    I.e. - it's sensitive to the tuning of the string - it's just not doing anything to fix it.


    I've tried doing a tuning system reset (function 101) - and now I'm stumped.


    Also - could i have damaged the pegs by turning them? I never did that while auto-tuning, of course, but when this low E wouldn't tune, I turned the peg myself. It moves funny, making me feel I was doing something wrong. Am i supposed to pull it out first, is there any trick to this?


    Any help appreciated. Hoping it's a minor issue and that I won't have to take it to repairs!

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