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  1. cqlove

    wine red?

    I love wine red! This is my one and only 1993 les paul custom in wine red.
  2. Epiphone=China <><><><><> Gibson=USA
  3. Yes Gibson's MSRP is always really high. That les paul 100 is sold around here for 199$ not 499$ like Gibson claims. Yes sweetwater will sell you that guitar for that price. Sweetwater is a good and reliable place to buy guitars from as I have bought from them before.
  4. yes that one is beginner. Try this one... it is far better than the 100.. http://www.sweetwater.com/guitargallery/electric/all/s0910120413/
  5. The epiphone les paul 100 is a good choice if you are on a budget. Get him that, he will love it!
  6. Hey that's cool that you want to get him a les paul. The best advice I can give you is that if he wants a custom then you best not get him anything other than a custom. Because what will most likely happen is that the guitar you get him, such as this one http://www.sweetwater.com/guitargallery/electric/all/s023190698/ will probably be sold in the future to get the custom.
  7. cqlove

    The Custom Club

    Very nice! Gotta love the black beauty.
  8. The guitar all in all looks great. What I was talking about was the S in the Gibson logo. It looks as if somebody tried to paint over it or something. I've never seen one look like that.
  9. Everything looks alright to me but something about that headstock Gibson logo looks fishy...
  10. cqlove

    The Custom Club

    That is very true and I will play and love this guitar until I can pass it down to my kids. Thanks for the kind words.
  11. cqlove

    The Custom Club

    Ok that Red Fire Tiger just put mine to shame! Beautiful guitars to everyone!
  12. Now that we have a traditional club, I thought it should only be fair that the customs get to shine! Here is my 1993 Wine Red Custom. My dad bought me this guitar last week as a present for graduating college. His friend from work sold it to him for $1500. What a surprise! This is my first American made guitar and it plays and sounds like a dream!
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