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  1. If UPS gives you any grief about the box, here's what happens to guitars with that kind of damage:

    The guitar falls from a conveyor belt and does a belly flop, the shock from the impact causes the neck to crack at the weakest point.  The only thing holding that guitar together is the string tension, if you take the strings off that crack will propagate.

    The box does not have to show any damage as a belly flop will do it.

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  2. No, my last one was a Grey Persian and he was just great but there's too much traffic around here.  It's heartbreaking when they get run over.

    Instead, I keep guard reptiles.  People seem to find giant snakes and monitor lizards off putting for some unknown reason.

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  3. I have a bunch of cheapie suede-backed straps from Guitar Center and one fancy schmancy one for the Martin (brand unknown but also from Guitar Center).

    I play it safe and either store guitars with the straps off or resting on top of that case shroud they used to use.  I suppose that's what the shroud was for although it always makes me think of old Dracula movies.

  4. Oddly enough, I like the witch hat knobs on it the best, they really make the guitar.  

    It brings back the era when the brown 335s with the trapeze tail pieces were out on the sales floor.

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