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    That does look like a nice guitar. I especially like the trapeze tail piece.
  2. Is it too late to add an ES-150TD? I've wanted one of those for decades.
  3. That's pretty cool. My birthday gifts must be rather unexciting as I'm drawing a blank as to the best one!
  4. My Lucille is paid for and is on it's way back home soon (I hope...) and then I'll get either a Firebird V or VII. After that a white SG Custom with an ebony fret board would be a good thing.
  5. Yes, I know that. When you saw him in 2012 was he mixing the style up more with his own or was he just doing his dad's solos note for note?
  6. It seems like he's putting a lot more of himself into the music, too. It's not just a note for note thing like it was at the Frank Zappa Day in Baltimore which I was afraid it might be. Instead he's mixing Frank's stuff with his own ideas so that makes it really unique. I don't know if this is recent or if the FZ Day was just a special tribute? I'd never seen him before so can't say. Time to practice the guitar but I'll never play a Gibson like the Zappa family does no matter which model or year I own!
  7. I caught him a few years back at the Zappa Bust dedication ceremony in Baltimore, MD and he was okay but he has improved tremendously since. He's got that weird FZ thing where every so often you have to look twice to make sure he doesn't really have six fingers on one hand like they did with the old Claymation sequences. What was nice about last night's show is that it wasn't strict renditions of the old tunes, there was lots of improvisation. Florentine Pogen was especially good in that regard. If he comes to your area, pick up some tickets and get ready to have a good time, it really shows that the band members like one another.
  8. That model is the strangest thing because I had that P90/Bigsby/335 combo in the back of my mind for a couple of years but figured I'd have to talk Gibson into making a one-off and then out it comes. I would love to get one of those, congratulations! Maybe someday... The first two North Mississippi All Star albums are really good.
  9. For Christmast I got my wife tickets to go to a concert. Last night was the show: Dweezil do the Roxy Turns 40 tour last night in beautiful York, PA and were they ever great! Dweezil has really come into his own on the guitar, Scheila Gonzalez did the best sax solo I've ever seen and the band was just really tight and so much fun to watch. I used to see the Mothers every time they'd play NYC from 1975 until the last tour and Frank would be very proud. They had a meet and greet after the show and they were very gracious and accommodating; nice people. If you get a chance, you should catch them, I don't think you'll be disappointed. My wife was never a Zappa fan before but she is now.
  10. I loved their first two albums. For something totally different, do a search for Nina Hagan doing WPOD in German. I still have the EP, it's really strange.
  11. Mr. Beck, I do think he's the best guitarist going. Thanks for posting that one.
  12. If you can get used to the overall length of it, go with the Firebird. It's not an easy guitar to play, just so you know. I'd take the Explorer over a Flying V simply because it feels like a more substantial instrument. I don't care for really light guitars but that's just a personal preference.
  13. That looks really good, have fun with that one.
  14. Mine is only around 3mm with the low E string depressed. Get out your screw driver and spend 5 minutes fooling around until you get the sound you want.
  15. I think you're going to have to experiment which is easy enough. Just keep track of the number of turns on the screw(s). It sounds too high from your description.
  16. I remember rolled off highs with the P100s when I had my 78/55 Les Paul Special. I'd flip to the bridge pick up and it was kind of underwhelming for rock stuff. I can't comment on the volume difference. It was a great guitar otherwise, though. I only paid $400 back in the early 80s, now I see them on eBay for over 2 grand which is ridiculous.
  17. Don't say I didn't do the right thing and try to help you spend your money.
  18. The P100/P90 difference isn't all that great in the neck position (if I remember correctly) but I would replace the bridge pick up for something with a bit more bite to it.
  19. Charlie Brown, You'll find that the ones with the F holes don't sound or feel like the Lucille. You'd better buy one and find out for yourself, though...
  20. What pick ups are in it? I had one of the 2007 GOTW models in natural with the vibrato and that was a beautiful guitar, it really exuded class. Unlike the owner, ha, ha.
  21. "Nobody's going to deprive me of my little treats" he muttered grimly. Best of luck with your surgery and keep us posted.
  22. You can try swapping pick ups out but you're dealing with two different animals. Just take an SG and a Les Paul - the same pick ups are going to sound quite a bit different and they're both solid bodies. I think you'd have more success with settings on your amplifier, to be honest with you. What amp are you using?
  23. Usually The Doors or Johnny Winter stuff and then mutate it until it doesn't sound anything like what it's supposed to!
  24. I like that one despite the ugly color.
  25. http://www2.gibson.c...the-Future.aspx I thought there was a video on it but if there is I can't find it.
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