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  1. You can try swapping pick ups out but you're dealing with two different animals. Just take an SG and a Les Paul - the same pick ups are going to sound quite a bit different and they're both solid bodies. I think you'd have more success with settings on your amplifier, to be honest with you. What amp are you using?
  2. Usually The Doors or Johnny Winter stuff and then mutate it until it doesn't sound anything like what it's supposed to!
  3. I like that one despite the ugly color.
  4. http://www2.gibson.c...the-Future.aspx I thought there was a video on it but if there is I can't find it.
  5. If they're making the Lucille in Memphis I wouldn't be too concerned which factory actually makes the guitar. It looks like they can both turn out a real high quality product.
  6. I've had both the double cutaway and the single like you're getting. You can't go wrong either way. With the thinner body it's easier to reach the upper frets than on the regular carved top Les Paul so that's not that much of an issue. I'm told that P100s can be converted over to P90s easily enough, it's something along the lines of disconnecting a wire. The P100s are more of a smooth jazz sound so the bridge pick up isn't much of a rock and roller.
  7. It was meant to be. Congratulations! They're fun guitars to play, I've got mine plugged in right now.
  8. I hope that I was a bad influence?
  9. SteveFord

    I won!

    Good for you. Winning a free Marshall is like Christmas all over again.
  10. None for me, thanks. A Gold Top with mini humbuckers and an ebony fret board would be much more appealing to me. No need to make it artificially beat up or have anybody famous play it - I'm easy.
  11. Bernie, I can only speak for my 335 but I had to do a fair amount of work to the frets on it but it was worth it. It now plays really well and the guitar just feels like home.
  12. I would not buy a high end instrument without the nibs or an ebony fret board. I also do not need 4000 Les Paul models and 3300 SGs to choose from. Look back to the McCarty years, see what they were doing and concentrate on making the guitars to the same standards but with modern technology. Then you'll have the Golden Years revisited and can forget about recreating things from 60 years ago.
  13. This thread may be the strangest thing I've ever read on a forum. So, what was the question?
  14. To me it's kind of like new tuners on the Firebirds or these eTuners on the lower end models. The gnibs make it a higher end Gibson, the banjo tuners make it a Firebird, the eTuners make it a model to bypass as I don't need it and don't want it and won't pay for it. Perhaps I'm just old and set in my ways, we'll see how others vote with their checkbooks.
  15. I guess it's all in how badly do you want one? The natural is a handsome guitar but that's a lot of money for something you've never played. Our economy isn't the greatest so I'd check the local and on-line music stores for trade ins and see if one doesn't pop up that way.
  16. My 335 Satin and Les Paul Special both had sharp fret ends. My Les Paul Studio doesn't so it appears to be the luck of the draw.
  17. Why is the leader of North Korea so interested in gnibless Gibsons and doesn't it look like he lost weight? Is this the new Axis of Evil I've been hearing so much about?
  18. I wonder, are they still leaving the fret ends sharp? The best thing about the nibs is it covered up the sharp edges that they've been blessing us with.
  19. I'm afraid I'll have to take a pass on this one along with all of the other pre-loved beat up new guitars.
  20. I suppose it's all what kind of music you play but SGs and Marshall tube amps are like peanut butter and jelly.
  21. I'm sure mine involved Zig Zag rolling papers, ha, ha. That's a good age, enjoy your 20s!
  22. I had that happen on my 335. After I got done cursing I fished mine out by sticking a bent pipe cleaner into the center of the jack and gently pulling it up through the body. I used the pipe cleaner to hold it up while I got the nut started.
  23. In that case, I am in error regarding the binding. I never noticed any flaking off the binding on my old ones but a recent (2007) SG had it start to vanish dead center on the neck and that one mostly lived in a case.
  24. I think I recall seeing the "Dung Brown" listed in one of the Norlin sales brochures. It appeared to be relatively short lived...
  25. For the second part, there shouldn't be any laquer on the binding, they must have missed it when they were scraping it off.
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