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  1. I am happy to say I hated that band from the get go.
  2. The details are hazy but I recall they had to dig through a bunch of them to find a Standard that wasn't screwed up for badbluesplayer.
  3. I regret selling an awful lot of guitars and amps over the years for whatever stupid reason and I regret stopping playing for 25 years while work got in the way.
  4. I wish they had spent a few more seconds with the Flying V with the strings going through the body like it's supposed to have. I agree about the hollow bodies, that's such an important part of the company even if they may be low volume sellers.
  5. I looked in the mirror and I'm aged enough, no sense to make the guitar look the same way.
  6. What would Alvin Lee do? Marshall stack.
  7. You have good taste, that's a really handsome Les Paul.
  8. What you really need is one of those Martin Backpackers.
  9. Mutha, What part of the US are you planning on visiting?
  10. Bang is right - what a great deal on a Studio!
  11. Trade the Epi for the SG Special, sell the other Epi and add some cash for a Firebird V. The neck-through design is what makes the Firebird what it is.
  12. Maybe hit Disney World on the way home from bike week?
  13. SteveFord


    Many years ago I used to walk past NYC's oldest hat store on a daily basis and eventually got suckered in and came out with a beautiful Stetson bowler. Pleased as punch with my purchase I went into a deli, picked up a bottle of Guiness Stout, a hard boiled egg and a copy of the NY Times and went down to Washington Square Park to read the paper and have lunch. I open my beer and start to see what craziness is going on in the world at large and I feel a TAP! on top of my hat. Looking up, what do I see but a pigeon's *** right above me. Where is a shotgun when you need it? My hat collection got destroyed in a flood many years ago and due to a recent heart attack I've been put on blood thinners and can now feel the cold like everyone else. Time to buy a hat (or 15). Here's one I picked up on CraigsList which was owned by a Scottish gentleman who would only take it out on special occasions like when he wore his kilt. It's a Lock & Co. Town Coke hat in perfect shape with the box. For anyone who cares, Lock & Co. is the one who created the bowler and it's built like a tank. Is there anyone else here who's into hats?
  14. That is a beauty, congratulations!
  15. I can't imagine going through that but good thing you're still alive and kicking.
  16. That I can do. I also don't get hounded out of the kitchen, I don't have to listen to Judge Judy, I don't have to hear long-winded stories about people I don't know, that kind of stuff. My gifts were okay (some money, some brown dress gloves that I asked for, a giant ceramic Merry Christmas mug which I can use once a year) so I do my own shopping. After having that heart attack on the motorcycle in October I figure that I should get the things I would like to have before they plant me in the ground. This year it was some new (to me) leather motorcycle jackets and I replaced my hat collection which was lost in a flood years ago: bowlers, derbies, homburgs and fedoras. A silk, collapsible top hat is the only item I'm missing at the moment. That was a fun thing to screw around with but is really out of place here in the middle of nowhere. They're also stupidly expensive so maybe I'll give that one a pass.
  17. My wife flew across the country for a week. Not that I don't like her BUT life is good!
  18. I give up, I can't figure out how to get a youtube video to just pop up here.
  19. I'll send some over from Central Pennsyltucky, we have plenty at the moment. Hope you come through it okay.
  20. Maybe I missed it but did you ever get the guitar?
  21. It does look kind of lonely. Maybe a nice ES-335 to keep it company?
  22. That is one handsome gold top, it looks like it was worth the wait.
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