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  1. Of course your wife is happy. Two weeks without you talking? Pop the champagne corks!!!
  2. I would think it would be the same deal as the Les Paul Studio models - you can get one hell of a guitar for not a tremendous amount of money. Another model to look at is the Satin; polish it up with some Virtuoso polish and it's like a whole different model (in a good way, too).
  3. I can't imagine TYA without Alvin Lee. I did see Alvin with Ten Years Later and he was just tremendous, he made everything look so easy.
  4. I hope everything works out with the throat issue. Old age ain't for sissies.
  5. I'd want to see that one in person. How could you NOT feel that?
  6. The first go-around they offered it with and without stickers. I wish I had bought one back then but oh well.
  7. Looks like one of the recent ones with the Richlite fret board.
  8. I always wanted one of those. What do you think of it?
  9. Who, FZ Fan? Nah, the grass is going into the rolling papers, ha, ha. He's doing good and is up to six Martins. I tried to talk him out of selling his Lucille but nope. Eventually he'll rediscover the need to reconnect with his inner wah wah pedal.
  10. Oh wow, small world! Remember what I said, if you ever want to sell that LP let me know, please. I was downsizing for some stupid reason and yes, that is a good one.
  11. I missed the "Zuni Bolo Tie" extra. Take my pennies and make me happy!!!
  12. Don't tell anyone but I played the wife's Guild today, too. It's one of those GAD models from the exotic orient and after a few years it's started to sound really good. I guess it just takes time for these things to come around. P.S. I did play a Gibson but it was a Firebird (the kind you plug in). No Gibson acoustics here but if we had one I would have been happy to have played that, too!
  13. Nope. Same as if I posted a picture of my Fender Stratocaster with a whammy bar straight from Joe's Garage. One, two, three, four let's see if you've got some more!
  14. Perhaps he'll get tired of wrestling Salties and will come back. Same with Charlie Brown, I miss his posts, he was always up to something interesting.
  15. Thank you. These are old pics but same guitar. Yes, you should go get you one! You'll have a friend for life in it. P.S. This is an HD-28V which is a bit warmer sounding and has a stouter neck than the HD-28. Either one will do, though!
  16. Somebody at Gibson is hoping to buy a new Porsche is my guess.
  17. I don't know why this is but during the warm months I only play electric guitars. As soon as the weather turns to crap out come the acoustics to cheer me up. It must be something from my childhood when I found comfort in playing an acoustic. Have something a bit better than what I did as a kid, though!
  18. I've had 07, 13 and now a 2014 Firebird V. The 2013 and 2014 have lower frets than my 07 did. I don't miss the 2007 one, the 2013 was a beauty, my 2014 is my favorite guitar. There was a nice 2014 on eBay that just went for $950, I thought about getting it but I'm buying two (as in two) used motorcycles soon - one Triumph, one Buell.
  19. I think this guy is a moron who just destroyed a perfectly good guitar. Finish checking is caused by either rapid temperature swings (cold guitar into warm room) or the wood wasn't dried properly at the factory. Ted McCarty was horrified when he took over the reins many years ago and purchased kilns to get things done properly.
  20. If you are the original owner who filled out the Warranty Card, I would contact Gibson and tell them that what you have isn't what you believed you were purchasing. I would have done that first to give them a chance to correct things. They've always been a stand up company in my limited dealings with them.
  21. I think he switched to the 355 once the dough started rolling in and no, this is not what I had in mind! Nice guitar, though.
  22. Loosen the strings a bit and off you go.
  23. https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/CUSXXP683/Chuck-Berry-1955-ES-350T?utm_source=Gibson+Newsletter&utm_campaign=0af975c76c-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_10_18_06_02&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d5d26bcb8d-0af975c76c-60814253&goal=0_d5d26bcb8d-0af975c76c-60814253&mc_cid=0af975c76c&mc_eid=0280960233 What a beauty! Anybody got an extra $10,000 they want to throw my way? That would be swell.
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