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  1. I believe my 2014 Firebird V has the cryo frets and I play that every day. No wear.
  2. They've still got it. Good for them and even better for us!
  3. SteveFord

    Flying V

    That looks like a much better choice.
  4. You could use my Firebird's case as a bomb shelter. I've never had a problem with the Canadian cases, they have all been really well made.
  5. Very nice, that's what I think I'd get if I were new Gibson shopping. Change the selector switch tip for a white one and all done.
  6. A concept album involving Nazis, Joseph Stalin, dolphins and obese wrestlers. Why, there's something for everyone. Brilliant!
  7. Mine felt like the Super thick, 50s style, 1st fret, from one end to the other.
  8. Fatter than my Lucille or 50s profile Les Paul Studio or any other Gibson I've ever owned. They made an ES335 Fat Neck and it felt like that one. Just a giant fat thing with about zero taper from top to bottom. It was like something you'd find on a nylon stringed Yamaha. That kind of a neck. It was just awful with high frets, too. Back to eBay you go and don't come back!
  9. I've had a few SGs over the years and one of them had a giant fat club neck which felt ridiculous on such a small body. I finally gave up and sold it. They do the final shaping of the neck by hand so it was probably just that particular guitar - an 06 Classic, I think it was. Not for me.
  10. Don't you fret none, the Richlite forests are in good shape.
  11. Thanks goodness they got the word "iconic" out of the way within the first 3 minutes. The neck chiseler guy made me think of a recent SG purchase I followed for a bit. It was surprising to see no mask or hand protection for the nitro sprayer but I guess they must have a top notch ventilation system, the entire factory looks as good as you can get. Quite the operation. 83,000+ guitars a year, it looks like.
  12. I had no idea that The Dickies had any hits. I always liked this one:
  13. That gives a whole new meaning to the term Whammy Bar. I'd best get my bid in, gotta go.
  14. An SG through a Marshall is a match made in heaven. Congratulations!
  15. I can do without the pants but could that guy ever play that guitar. I would love to have that one but the Firebird 1 kind of like the one that Eric Clapton played for a little bit for $8,000, well...
  16. Might be made out of tourists and their horses.
  17. https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/CUSSK4171/Eric-Clapton-1964-Firebird-I# Looks like the Firebird V vanished again but for only 8K you can have one of these.
  18. Time to scratch Mongolia off of my list of possible retirement locations.
  19. SteveFord


    To quote Ringo Starr, "I've et better rugs than the one yer layin' on!"
  20. That nut LOOKS horrible. I know you can make it work but that's really not something you should expect the customer to have to do. I don't know about these guy any more.
  21. Venus by Shocking Blue In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry
  22. I see why his hair fell out, worrying over proper humidity for his acoustics and all. It looks like he has it made.
  23. Good deal that they dug through a big pile of them but that really doesn't inspire confidence in their product. They really need to do something with the workforce if they're going to right the sinking ship.
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