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  1. Hey, you can't build up all that formaldehyde smell overnight. Seriously, I waited about a month and a half for the case for my Joe Pass. I just kept it in a gig bag until the case came in. Aside from the initial smell, I'm very happy with it.
  2. Much that I love my Joe Pass (see avatar), my gold Mandobird IV is squirrelly. I've never been able to get the intonation right - even trying different brands of strings. Plus, because the bridge mounting plate partially covers the holes through the body, I have to loosen the bridge to change strings. Anybody else have similar problems? That said, it really is a cool looking instrument and I'm glad I bought it.
  3. My new Korean-built Joe Pass Emperor. Sorry about the crappy pics. Notice they used the "E" truss rod cover rather that the Joe Pass TRC.
  4. But buyer beware. Although not always listed that way, they are used and not always in the best of shape.
  5. Here's a couple of quickie pics I took with my Blackberry. Notice they used the "E" TRC instead of the Joe Pass TRC.
  6. I just found the thread on this - it does look like Korea. The serial number starts with is 091021, which I would interpret as 09 (year) 10 (month) 21 (Factory Code - Unsung, Korea).
  7. I just bought a new Joe Pass in February and the sticker on the back of the headstock says Made in Korea. The date (I presume of manufacture or inspection) on the warranty card is 1/12/2010.
  8. It's really odd because I've heard some people say their Epi cases had no smell and others say they stink to high heavens. After mine aired out, it was fine. No complaints.
  9. Boy, you got that right. I just received the Epi case for my Joe Pass last week and I literally had to leave the case open for a week before I could put the guitar in it. I can't describe the smell other than to say it reminded me of the one time I smelled embalming fluid. The day it arrived, it literally stunk up the whole house - gave both my wife and myself the headache from he**.
  10. I can't imagine they'd change out the TRC and still keep the signature on the pickguard. I think somebody at the factory just screwed up and planted the wrong TRC on it.
  11. I just bought a new Joe Pass last week (beautiful guitar!) and I notice it has the Epiphone "E" truss rod cover instead of the Joe Pass signature cover. This is something I haven't seen before. Anybody else have one of these? Thanks!
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