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  1. nope, those don't fit... they broke when i tried to put them in... they are too short too...
  2. Hey, Does anyone know which string saver saddles will fit the stock bridge on my lefty dot?? thx
  3. Ok, anyone know what exactly the size of the nut on a dot is?? like not just the width, but the the base size?? (im not sure exactly what that is, just maybe the thickness, on the site that im ordering from it lists 1/4 and 3/16- no units- as options) thx
  4. Thx for the advice :) I like the idea of the TUSQ nut, but I'll take a look at bone, I've heard good things about them... JCwill, is ur stetsbar left handed?? Thank for the offer:) I really hate being a leftie sometimes...
  5. sorry, by "angled" i meant not straight pull strings, so that the A, D, G and B come out of the nut at a bit left/right of perfectly straight... I heard that you can have tuning problems with strings going like this, especially with a trem Ill check out TUSQ
  6. Ok, so here it is. I'm *looking* at getting a stetsbar for my dot. At the same time, im going to change the tuners to lockers of some kind, for tuning stability, and i want to replace the nut... im thinking either an earvana nut or a roller... anyone tried anything like this and has an opinion on either?? can you use a roller with angled strings? Thx everyone :-
  7. Hey, I'm looking at a pair of p-rails for my dot, but prefierably i don't want them to really change the way my dot looks... i know that seymour doesn't make covers (chrome) for these pups, but i was wondering if anyone out there could give me some pointers as to making chromes covers by putting new holes in a "no-holes" cover... Thanks everyone :(
  8. Just out of curiosity, what are you switching them for? I'm looking at a dimarzio bluesbucker for my neck on my dot, because (apparently) it splits really well. Also, does anyone know what value the stock volume pots are on a dot? One would think 500k, but ive heard 300k in some places is sometimes used... Also how close are they to true audio taper? Thanks everyone, and sorry for semi-hijacking ur thread
  9. Anyone know of a place in Ottawa that does custom pickguards?? Thanks everyone
  10. Thx for all the tips! I think I'm down to two options- the mean 90's or this with any legit strat pup inside... (is that do-able; i.e. is the wiring structure the same?) Thank you all again :) http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/covers_adapters.htm
  11. wait, so can I tap the standard pup that comes with the dot?? or do i have to get different ones? If anyone done this with those pickups, what does the sound end up like?
  12. first, thx for the suggestion(s)! by more strat-like I guess I mean twangier... I (or at least try my best to) play a lot of clapton and that style of music. I'd like to have a more "piercing" sound if that makes any sense.
  13. Thx! Nah, it's not my dot, I wish I could get the blue, but cherry is the only colour that they make left-handed:/
  14. true... I'd like to get both sounds out of the one guitar, probably strat off the bridge and leave the standard humbucker in the neck... and as stupid as it sounds, 2 guitars would not work for me right now
  15. I'm looking for a more strat-style sound out of my dot, but i'm not sure how I can do this. The most obvious way wound be to change pickups. Any ideas? I'd like to keep it simple, so no vari-tone curcuits or anything... just something someone with limited wiring skills (and budget) would be able to acomplish... thx
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