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  1. Guys, I have bought the guitar! She's got the sweetest sound, played her 2 hrs and want more, definately a keeper, will be holding onto it for many years to come. Thanks for everyone's input it really encouraged me to get this beautiful guitar, I am the happiest man on earth
  2. Hmm, the "s" in Gibson does look a Iittle off now that you mentioned, did a little research and found this. From this article
  3. I did inspected the common failure from Gibson necks, though I am no expert in that area I can not see signs of repair, it all seems in one piece without paint crakcs etc. No idea how he broke the pickup ring I don't really mind that as it's an easy fix. Can you explain more on this? Here's another shot of the guitar.
  4. Yes I'm from NZ, the price seem to be fair according to the folks in NZ forums, I would say those Gibsons are much harder to come by compare to USA. The owner doesn't seem to know much about the guitar, said the guitar belonged to his mate in US now and was then sold to him when he left, he only had the guitar for about 6 months. The pickups does seem in very good/new condition compare to the rest of the guitar, the binding around the body show signs of age with cracks along the edges but appears to be cosmetic only. I think I will go ahead with the purchase since I am more concerned about whether it's an authentic Gibson or not. Do keep the input coming if anyone encountered anything suspicious from the photo
  5. I have a chance of purchasing my first Gibson Les Paul standard, she's from 1990 with ebony finish (photos to follow), I have been to the owner's place and played the guitar, it's nice and loud unplugged, even better when plugged in, good action etc, but am just concerned about whether the guitar is a genuine Gibson hence I need help from the knowledge people on this forum. The seller wants USD $1700 for it, is this a fair price? If anyone knows it's value or have had experience with this guitar please also let me know. According to the owner, everything on this guitar is original, I have included the photo from the pots/switch so someone please tell me he's been true to his words. Looking to know as much info about this guitar as possible, so any input welcome, Big thanks in advance Below are some pictures I have taken when inspecting the guitar.
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