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  1. Chan..some people have no taste...I like it a lot
  2. Dude, if your living room furniture has wood grain like that, can we see a pic? and can I move in!!
  3. Thought I would post a little update... Jeremy Morton talked me through removing the glue and all is good.. Big thanks to Jeremy and Vincent Wynne at customer service for their help.. Good to know Gibson customer service have got your back...
  4. Hi Jeremy, just tried calling you but no answer, I guess because of the time difference... I think it's just past 5:45pm where you are...Can you post instructions? Might be difficult to speak as I'm at work etc. You can PM me too...thanks
  5. Hi Jeremy, Here's a picture...appreciate your time...
  6. Had my Hummingbird for a week and just noticed that there is a small excess of glue just after the 12 fret. Looks like a small blob right along the fret...not a big issue but would like to clean it off if possible? It's rock hard and won't budge with fret cleaner, a pick, even tried edge of knife, but dont want to damage fret board....any ideas?
  7. Er, no good knocking Gibson again....what about your QA? Didn't you play it before you bought it? :unsure: Guitar's can sit in shops for a while, and it may have been "setup" in store after leaving Gibson?.... My SG doesn't sustain anything like my LP either...2009 SG Standard. Hope you solve the mystery....
  8. Swap em for Bell knobs...look much nicer I think... My link
  9. At last...the voice of reason...turn off yer tv's....bin your 'newspapers' and magazines...let's stop making these talentless 'stars' millionaires while we all struggle to pay the man... Maybe we could talk about guitars then eh?
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