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  1. Thanks all. The seller said the truss rod cover is supposed to say Standard but he replaced with a custom and doesn't have the original. The pickups are also not original and he installed a push pull pot. But he didn't mention anything about the tuners. I though it I could pick up cheap I would go for it , but since it's starting to get bids, I think I'll hold off at least until I actually sell my Fender. Thanks for your help all!
  2. I've posted in another thread that I'm new to Les Pauls but looking to buy my first. I'm hoping some of you experts can give me some feedback on this one. http://img408.imageshack.us/i/070320101296.jpg/ It looks legit to me, but pickups have been replaced and there is no case. I've read a few posts talking about fakes but I don't know how to spot a fake LP. The lack of case is the only thing that has be concerned. It's only 2-3 years old, how can you lose the case in that time? Anyway, I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance!
  3. Can anyone give me an opinion on this guitar? http://s755.photobucket.com/albums/xx198/bal704/LPDC/ Seems there is separation of the top and glue is cracking off. Is this a major problem? Or cosmetic? Can it be repaired of do I want to stay away? Oh... one more question - Is it a legit Gibson? (as stated I'm very new to Gibson and don't know how to spot a fake.) Thanks again!
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    Yeah, I didn't see the youtube video - company blocks it. Hopefully the new owner doesn't turn it around now as a genuine Gibson.
  5. Thanks! I've heard that, but only recently. I've heard they can even break in the case if the fall on the headstock. Actually I started worrying about my Taylor and keeping it stored in it's case laying down.
  6. Thanks, I was looking some used dc standards. I hear they might have even made a goldtop lp classic double cut.
  7. I can't say I'm looking for extreme upper fret access. I really just love the look of it. I like the single cut Les Paul look, but the double cut looks HOT to me. Also it's slightly unique (less common) But I've never played one or heard one in person, so I can't say outside of aesthetics it sings to me. Maybe because I've owned nothing by strats (except a cheap fake SG years back) I'm stuck on the double cut??? I was actually leaning toward a PRS when I saw the les paul double cut. Now I'm all worked up over it. it's a real Gibson Les Paul with the look I really like, and somewhat unique. Anyway, I guess what I'm asking is, If I'm going to spend the money for a Gibson Les Paul, I want to make sure it's going to sound like a Gibson Les Paul - and that it is a quality guitar. (for example, there is a lot of negative press on the 83 2 knob strat. They are okay guitars, but I wouldn't want to spend big bucks on one only to find out it's worth less than an 82 strat.
  8. So I've held off on an LP for a really long time (mostly for pricing) but I'm thinking about selling my first strat and picking up an LP or PRS. I love the look of the Gibson LP but then I ran across a few late 90's Les Pauls double cut standards and I was blown away. I love the way they look but of course I've never played one. Anyone have an opinion on the LP double cuts? How do they play? (generally) Do they sound like standard Les Paul's? I believe they are chambered, or at least some of them are. Besides weight, does that have any negative impact on sound? Thanks in advance!
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