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  1. Thanks, I am relieved. I did google the model and saw other pictures that appeared to have that space there, you could especially see it on the white models. Thanks again.
  2. Guys, I recently purchased an ES-137 from Ebay and was wondering about this space between the lower part of the neck and the body. This is my first "ES" type guitar and I don't know if this is a manufacturing defect or if it is supposed to have that space there. There aren't any other signs of stress or cracks in the finish at all. Guitar plays fine and as far as I can tell, stays in tune. Thanks for any help you can give
  3. This is a nice set-up because it uses the existing holes, so you can take the system off and put it back to stock with no extra ugly holes showing.
  4. I have not taken it out to see, It appears to be hotter than the neck pickup, though.
  5. Just picked up this 2001 Standard with Stetsbar Tremolo system. This guitar was owned by Bibi McGill, who is currently the guitarist for Beyonce, and former guitarist for Pink. The Stetsbar setup was installed by Mr. Stets himself, for her when she owned it. This is a nice player, and a true road warrior. Love it.
  6. They all played great, none had fret buzz. I sold all but the Black now.
  7. Oh no, now we have a new contender! Just got this one today!v
  8. Here is the Heritage Cherry model I just sold....vv
  9. Guys, just bought this SG in the Natural(Brown)Burst finish. I had another one in the cherry finish which I recently sold. I also bought a 2012 model in Black, but haven't recieved it yet. I'm kind of torn between the Cherry and the Burst as both look great in their own right. I will have to evalute the Black when I get it. I kind of like seeing the woodgrain through the finish, though, and I know you can't see it with the Black. Just curious as to what color you prefer for an SG. This one plays awesome, as they all seem to. The ultimate would be one of each, of course!
  10. I think you will really like this stuff. I won't buy anything else for Gibson finishes.
  11. My SG fits my case like a glove, also came with shroud, but this is an '07 model, so things may have changed lately.
  12. Well, I bought the Virtuoso cleaner and polish and man this stuff really works! It took out almost all the dullness off the back, maybe one faint spot that you would have to look at in bright direct light to see. It also made the rest of the guitar look amazing. I used two microfiber cloths, one for the cleaner and one for the polish. I paid about 25.00 with shipping from an Ebay seller and this stuff is well worth it. It even goes on and comes off easy!v
  13. Guys, just purchased a 2007 SG and noticed there are some dull or cloudy areas on the back. Can this be buffed out at all and what should I use? It isn't scratches, just looks dull. I know niro finishes need special care, I'm hoping someone didn't use something they shouldn't have on it. Guitar is in excellent condition otherwise. Thanks for any help.
  14. Probably another guitar, would be nice to move up to a Standard if I could find the right one at the right price.
  15. Here's my 87 Studio Standard, but I believe it was called "Ferrari Red". Sweet guitar, and for sale!
  16. Guys, just picked up this 06 LP Studio Premium Plus. The AAA flame top on this is amazing and surprisingly, this guitar feels lighter in weight than a 2011 Studio Fireburst I had and recently sold. I like the gold hardware, but I know with time it will start to wear off, has started to a little already, but overall still looks very nice. I'm a wood lover, so the more figuring, the better!v
  17. Me too, although I have 2 LPs right now and I need to sell one!
  18. Not at the moment, it may be at some point, but this one seems to really be a good fit for me neck wise(thin). Had an SG Standard and a Fireburst Studio but the necks seemed too "baseball bat" or thick, I need a thinner 60s style neck, which this has.
  19. This is my 1987 Studio Standard. These were made for a few years in the 80s. These have a bound body and fretboard like a Standard, but have dot fretboard inlays and a slightly thinner body than a Standard. Original bulletproof "chainsaw" case too. Guitar is in amazing condition and plays and sounds great.vv
  20. Guys, just picked up this 1987 Studio Standard model Les Paul. It is in amazing condition for an almost 25 year old guitar. I believe they made these for a few years, 83-87. These guitars had the bound body and fretboard like a Standard, but had dot fretboard inlays instead of the trapazoid type. Also, the body was slightly thinner than a Standard, giving it a nice weight without being chambered. Alot of them had Tim Shaw pickups also. I haven't taken them out yet to check. Also has the original paperwork and bullet-proof chainsaw type case. The only real flaw is one of the knobs seems to have
  21. What color did you get, black or cherry?
  22. Thanks everyone for your input, I will leave this one well enough alone!
  23. Guys, just picked up this 2011 Studio in Fireburst color. Looks great as is, I have thought about adding a pickguard, but originality is important too. Just curious as to why Gibson didn't put one on this model? Also would like to hear your thoughts on adding one or not. Thanks.v
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