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  1. They do roll of a bit of the high end, same as on an HB but it is a bit more noticable. A tad more microphonic (you dont notice as much on a casino because by the time the pu gets microphonic the rest of the guitar is feeding back like a MF) More expensive to make More complicated to install (has to be soldered in place) Not difficult to do but if there is little demand why go through all the minuses for a cosmetic plus. My guess is as good as theirs.
  2. Orange something in California get good reviews. Weber speakers did a wonderful job of my fender browncaps but they are Oxfords. If I had a jensen I wouldnt hesitate to send to weber again.
  3. Yeah.. unfortunately Gibson recycled the name ES150. Prewar and postwar are completely different beasts. Prewar is the charlie christian model, 16in.. 24.75 scale.. CC Pickup.. V neck Postwar is a 17 version of an ES125.. 25.5 scale and later with crown inlays (the first gibson model to have them) I have had both. GAS was saying I love my 125 but wouldt it be cool if it was 17in and 25.5??? Err.. not a huge difference actually so I dropped it. And THAT actually cured my guitar gas for the past few years.
  4. The biding in places on my ES165 is turning pink. Couldnt understand then someone asked me what colour the lining in my case was... ahhh... :)
  5. Thanks Alan! I have a mid90s 165 with a set HB and bodymounted T/V controls. My Tailpiece also met an untimely demise. Fit and finish on mine seems about the same as the 175s I have seen that are about the same age give or take. I just think they cut corners on the hardware (althought the tuners are Gibson branded Grovers) I have never understood the sizable difference in price between the165 and 175 (but it works in my favour since I could actually afford a 165 lol)
  6. If you touch the strings and the noise goes away it is a shielding issue. Better wire might do it but if it is a real Gibson the braided wire is probably ok. Is the cavity shielded? Is the shielding in the cavity grounded? I know you say this is not a shielding issue. I am not sure I agree. Post a pic of your wiring cavity and it might help.
  7. Hi Alan If you had to pick nits what do you find the difference between the 165 and 175 is in terms of body and neck. I haven't found much of a difference between the pre-floating 165s and the 175 aside from the headstock laminate.
  8. If it is a poll.. then I vote on doing it right. If you are charging yourself by the hour then sure.. cut some corners. If you have the time then it is worth it. You can then flip the old pickups for 40$
  9. Dave, you are slipping. You forgot wrong (single ply) pickguard. :P
  10. Ok.. sorry to be a jerk The one on the left looks like and es175 with a funny pick guard. The one in the middle has a funny headstock. The one on the right looks legit PLUS it is an es137 and no one in their right mind copies those (I said I was going to be a jerk)
  11. Yep.. your strings arent grounded. I dont know where the string ground mounts to the electronics. I think it is the volumepot but On my emp reg I got to the output jack. From the volume pot should be a wire going to the tailpiece where it attaches (butt of the guitar with the strap button) Use a mirror to see the wire and if it looks ok just make sure it is making good contact with the tailpiece (which means taking the strings off and the screws holding the tailpiece.) I would rub the two surfaces with a little 0000 steel wool to remove any oxidization. If the Wire is NOT there and you see the hole.. well there is your problem.
  12. I have been trying to decide if the OCD is right for me. I there is only one place in town that I think sells them but I havent gotten there in months. Nice demo. What are you using to mic it up?
  13. I am in Canada too but I get a fair amount of my strings from Juststrings.com, stringsandbeyond.com and have tried stringsbymail.com a couple of times with no issues. I dont rememeber which but stringsbymail and juststrings have fair shipping prices (not 22$ for 3$ worth of picks) and stringsandbeyond is free shipping on orders over 35. Contact all three and ask about them. SBM and SAB DO you the L5 strings but only in 10s. SAB has been really good for finding things for me that they dont normally stock.
  14. You have a guitar worth many thousands of dollars. Do your self a favour. Spend another 100$ and buy a set of Tomastik Swings, Labella Tapes, GB112s, Chromes (yes, chromes) and Newtone Archtop strings. I loved GBs on my EmpReg..hated chromes. But the GBs faded to quickly (new they sound amazing but I only get a month out of them). Tried Chromes and HATED them. Eventually Settled on the LaBellas although got a year out of Newtone strings (if you can get used to the finger noise). Fast forward to my ES165 .. Labellas... nope. TIs... defintely not. Didnt try the Newtones. Surprise winner Chromes. Chromes on my ES125 as well but still searching (DR Stainless were nice for a while). My point being. Each guitar is different, each player is different. You have a guitar that will outlast your kids, take the time to find the right strings for you and for that guitar.
  15. Thanks... IIRC (and I usually dont) I bought the guitar on March 25 2010. The guitar was made March 26 1996. Herb Ellis passed March 28 2010.
  16. Hi The serial on my guitar starts with 90856 .. I have read that that it was given that serial on the 85th day of 96. If I count 85 days on a 96 calendar do I include holidays and weekends? Silly question but it is what it is. Thoughts? PS: 1996 IS a leap year ;) PPS: If they do count Weekends and Holidays that would be 17 years ago today.
  17. Back to the original thread a little.. personal opinion here: The factors between an old and a new L7 for me are this 1)Neck size: like the big 50s necks, dont like the thinner early 60s necks and narrow late 60s necks. I think I like the 70s necks but it has been a while 2) I have a 64 ES125 and actually like the modern size frets. One of the things I didnt like about my 56 ES150 was the smaller frets (and shrunken inlay) 3) For people outside the US.. 90% of what I can find is in the US and 50s/60s ones with Brazilian boards make me nervous (CITES).
  18. I dont want to be a d¡ck but is #3 a tele or a gretsch? :D
  19. The stock Tuners are not the ones with the hex nut grommets. The stock ones might be fine. On my ES 165 I replaced the stock grovers with Grover branded Kluson style. In this case it was a big improvement. If you are considering this you would have to remove the press in gromet and ream the post holes in the headstock to fit. Some people dont mind doing this.. others would rather not. Your call.
  20. If it has trapezoids that probably would have been an ES 150 [Not the Charlie Christian version, but the second postwar version] I have been wrong before though! For the ES 125 of 12 I say definitely a 48 or 49 not later than that because of the slug pole pieces Edit: I take that back, the 150 is a 17 inch kind of hard to mistake it for 16 inch
  21. I know this is an old post but I thought I would mention that you can get new pick up covers that match the dimensions of the 125 from Mojo I think. They are made by Frailin and so I think Mojo distributes them as well I bought three or four them because I didn't want to run out Lol
  22. Oh my God! Zombie thread! Year after this post I picked up and ES 125 And a class 5 And an AC 4 with a 10 inch Passed on the beater Strat because my 76 Ibanez smokes all the ones I've played from the 70s Glad you still love you Zephyr, I remember is being a special guitar when I tried one
  23. I would love to get the metal LP front grill. The rest of the cab I can build myself and have most of the part laying around anyway. A project for 2013.. I have had it for about 4 years now, found a schematic (harder than you think) It is a 54 Les Paul amp (ga-40) but since they arent that expensive in good condition I am not putting much money into it..
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