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  1. Is it the guitar or the case?
  2. yes,i had a nice Metallica sig collection,sold most of them in the last 6 month BTW pics:
  3. Thanks That is a KH-20 .my camera was set to manual focus so the pics came out very bad. Will take new pics
  4. Thanks guys! Actually i really like the mid output PU's .i really like gibson stock PU's.( previously had a 2009 LPC and a Standard 2000,and a gothic explorer)
  5. Hi there! Got this beauty yesterday! It is an used one,but there are no signs of wear on the top!Absolutely love this guitar! Great sound,no fret buzz!
  6. Ok guys!thanks for the help! I find this one,really like it!would like to have the 120Th anniversary model.
  7. Thanks man!I would definitely go for a new one but my wallet is limited to 1400 :-/ Unfortunatelly the 2014 Trad is already sold! My choice is the Trad Plus 2011 now. Let you guys know how it goes!
  8. what do you guys think? it has some signs of wear. is it worth 1350euro?
  9. thanks guys! i tried to contact them but got no answer for now!Sad! 2014 is my favorit BTW!
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