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  1. What you think would be a good offer without the case? Say $500-$550??
  2. I just wanted to get your opinions on a used Gibson SG im thinking of buying for $600? Used Gibson SG Guitar $600 Is it worth the $600 you think?
  3. edawg


    Did you hear about the spots on the Sun too!! Apparently their is something abnormal going on with the Sun said Yahoo News yesterday. Possible electrical storms on the way! Whatever next??
  4. Nice looking guitar! Looks like a bar and a table rolled into one;) Don't know anything about it personally, but here are a few reviews I found online -> http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar/product/Gretsch/7628+Committee/10/1
  5. Didn't GH also use a slide on that awesome intro to Free As A Bird?
  6. Such a nice rich color! And great sounding too. Congrats.
  7. Yes I have Skype and have used it for a while. I live in the US and my family is still in the UK, so Skype comes in handy for that kinda stuff, but there is so much more to it. I would say that its a great platform to work with, the only issue I ever had was a huge delay when talking to someone overseas, as well as sounding like a robot on occasion, which was pretty cool for a bit. However those issue were because I had an older computer and even older components. Now I have a brand new system Skype is back to being great again. Give it a try is say:)
  8. Nice cake! I would not know if I wanted to eat it, or frame it!
  9. edawg

    One day.....

    Keep that positive attitude, save up for it and it will be well worth it! How close are you to the price??
  10. Lol! It's ok I've done the same kinda thing. I took my laptop apart a couple of weeks ago because when I plugged it into the wall socket it failed to work! After about 30mins, 17 screws, and nearly an emotional breakdown I realized that the power cord was not plugged into the back of the laptop! But that's what you get for always having a "laptop" plugged in! After blaming the cat for this sabotage, as well as telling my wife I was just cleaning out the inside of my laptop, I think I got away with my dignity still in tact? So don't worry, we all do it.
  11. Wow! Whatever next? Just as well it wasn't Russia, you would have to chop off a few chunks over the years;)
  12. It looks like the guitar version of The Waltons! Night Gibson.......night Ibanez....... Some nice guitars tho!
  13. I also watched the "How a Gibson is Made" episode on the Discovery Channel, you could see the craftsmanship that goes into creating one of these guitars by the individuals that had a hand in producing them. One guy had been their for over twenty years! He should run the company!
  14. Peter Green gets my vote too!
  15. edawg

    My Slash AFD

    Congrats to you. It is an amazing looking guitar, I would love one!
  16. What!! How come I never met a girl like that? The only things girls ever gave me was a headache!;-)
  17. I'll give that a try, what's the worst that can happen;)
  18. The acoustic(demo) version of Tuesday's Gone is awesome too!! Love Skynryd.
  19. edawg

    New Slash Album

    Me too! I had no idea.
  20. That thing is mint! Very jealous right now;) Congrats!!
  21. Now that is a nice color! I have yet to see one like it in my local stores?
  22. Oh man, that's my dream guitar right there! Why can't I find deals like that;)
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