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    Is the guitar player able to hear himself? Is he really making that sound on purpose?
  2. Joffan, That sucks bad. Sorry this happened to you and your SG. Hopefully it doesn't change the sound or sustain in any way, unless greatness occurs from this some-how. If the guitar is fixable and playable, why worry about resale value, play the thing like a DEMON! Keep it for-ever, play it hard, become a legend, tell the story like it was a magical mystical moment. Rock-On and good luck.
  3. Seriously, check-out Jerry Reed and smile and admire. Nazareth was a 1st love of rock & roll. April Wine back in the day. RUSH B.T.O. Stampeders The WHO Alice Cooper AC/DC ZZ TOP Rol. Stones Guns N Roses After this got into bluegrass and bought a banjo I struggle with regularly. Just recently (about 2-3 days ago)got my 1st electric guitar Gib SG Standard. Back TO ROCK.
  4. RUSH.......Greatness personified. Always been a fan, not my absolute favourite band, but I sure admire the skills and sounds. I'd see'em live 4 sure!
  5. COOL, nicotine sunburst!! LICK-IT-UP---what a rushhhhh....
  6. Thanks guys, appreciate it. I heard that little VOX at the music store and got hooked. I think it's sweet 4 sure. Even to gig with it would sound sweet miked thru your system. I would have had to pay $350ish here with tax to take it home and, I would have too but I found a used one for 2bills still tagged and in the original box. WOW, a VOX in a BOX! Kid had tried it and it just wasn't what he wanted. He's into WATTS by the number,not tone.
  7. Well neogeoriffic, it came with all except the amp. I bought that the same day it arrived, but locally from a kid who never used it because it wasn't loud 'nuff. So, it's new, but wayyyy cheaper!!
  8. Well, yesterday's news now! Yesterday I p/up my Gibson at the post-office and ripped it open, all is well in the world NOW!! Black, sleek and brand-new 2007 lefty SG, along with a new set of Ernie Ball 2221 strings and wrench! All the Gib literature and a few "THE ARTS music store" Tee-shirts from sales dude Ryan, how cool is that??!! Along with this I found a used, in the box like new, VOX AC4TV amp here locally to plug it in to. So, yeah, the rain out-side don't bother me none! SCORE!! Yeah yeah, I know pics...right? I'll try and figure that out shortly.
  9. Genious! Rotten, scoundrelish, bastardly but Brilliantly executed!!
  10. OK ok, I struck a deal here 30miles away on a used VOX AC4TV. It'll get me going and annoy the Dog! Thanks to all 4 the opinions, suggestions and ideas, all y'all ROCK, ya really do! QUICK teach me sumpin' so I can Help too! LOL
  11. Blues Jr. is def on the short list!
  12. Gotcha and thanks man, you're one top dude.
  13. HAHAHA Blackie, ya lost me right after "I can run my line outs" brudda! That's how lo-tech I am. This sites members truly ROCK!!
  14. Threadjack away, I am reading right along with ya! I personally think a Marshall & SG combination is a lil too rough for me, but I'll try it at the music shop and see.
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