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  1. I used to have a copy of this song on cassette from 1983 or 84 where Lynch plays a guitar solo intro with (if I remember correctly) some amazing diminished scale runs.
  2. My first Les Paul was this 2000 Standard Lite and I still own it. This model seemed to be somewhat of an experiment if you look at the specs. I believe Gibson only made this model for two years. Specs: '59 asymmetrical slim taper neck 492R/'57T pickups chambered body rosewood fingerboard gold truss rod cover/hardware strap locks came stock with the guitar from the factory
  3. Not sure, I always call that the flowerpot inlay because to me it looks like a small flowerpot with a small plant or flower. But I know the true "flowerpot" inlay is the one on some of the older ES models and it is a huge inlay that is quite different than the holly inlay. Here is the headstock of my ES339 Trad Pro with what I erroneously call the "flowerpot" inlay:
  4. Congrats! I have one just like it. The Super '57 humbucker in the bridge is freakin' nasty awesome!! It has just a touch more bite than the '57 Classic. The 10dB boost is extremely useful also. I use it for Steely Dan songs and other jazzed up stuff.
  5. Just an interesting little tidbit some of you Gibsonites failed to mention: the original Classic Custom that came out sometime around 2007 has an EBONY fretboard. This model occasionally pops up now and then on E-bay. So, contrary to belief, not every Classic Custom model has a baked maple fretboard.
  6. Last year I bought the ES-339 Trad Pro which has a Super '57 in the bridge position and I am extremely impressed with the sound of this pickup. The Super '57 apparently has just a touch more output than a '57 Classic, but the difference is noticeable. I believe the new LP Classic for 2014 also has the Super '57 in the bridge position. Does anyone else own a guitar with the Super '57 and if so, what do you think of the pick up?
  7. Ebony is #1 in my book because of it's smooth, slick feel. Some people don't like it because it is too smooth. I also like rosewood and baked baple. Baked maple is a step in the direction of ebony as far as playability. Even though ebony is #1 for me, I still consider rosewood the best all-around fret board for Gibson guitars.
  8. It is very smooth. Frets are not too high. Lightweight guitar - only 7 pounds. I plan on putting thicker strings on it, probably 11's. It was made at the Memphis facility.
  9. Check out my new ES-339 Trad Pro! It is a semi-hollow body with no F holes. It has some nice features including: '57 classic in the neck position, super '57 in the bridge position; coil taps; and a 10db volume booster. Even though the finish looks sort of like tri-burst, it is actually vintage burst. This guitar sounds slightly tamer and sweeter in general than a Les Paul with '57 classics. Gibson told me the super '57 is basically similar to the '57 classic plus pickup. It also has the 30/60 neck profile and rosewood fret board.
  10. Those '68 re-issues came with ebony fretboards. Looks like a fakie to me.
  11. Sorry, that natural maple cap looks terrible. On a Tele, it would look great. A Les Paul? Uh.......no
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