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  1. I did it. I decided to change the Harness from my 335 Dot CH. During that process I also spontaneously decided to change the pups. Components used: JK Bookshelf Guitar Wiring Harness for Epiphone Dot 335 Paktron '50 Volume Kit; BurstBucker #1 (Neck) & #2(Bridge). For me it was a very interesting an challenging time - but finally it paid out very well: looks good (new knobs), very smooth controls and the sound of the Gibson BurstBuckers is just nice for my stile of playing (Jazzy as well as Blues).
  2. OS vs Historic: just read an article in the German Magazin Gitarre & Bass: in this article Udo Pfeiffer compared a 59' VOS 2007 and a historic original '59 (!). He came to the conclusion, that never before such good replication was made (optical & sound...) but he complaint mainly that the 50s wiring schematic is not being used? Is there a reason why ? (the tone condensers are wired to the input of the volume potentiometer instead to the output). After adding real Bumblebees and a ABR-1 Bridge from 1960, the VOS was matched to the original perfectly)
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