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  1. Alright, so I play a Gibson Explorer with 57 Classics installed. I came across the Gibson P94 pickups and the idea was interesting. What if I installed one in the bridge position? That could yield some interesting results and be a pretty different setup. I've played Seymour Duncan P90s before and I really dig the tone, it seemed brighter and raunchier than my PAFs. I play an Orange Rocker 30, which is a darker sounding amp to me. So what's the Gibson Forum's opinion? P94 or 57 Classic Plus? Why do you prefer? What do you like, what do you not like? Now for for my other question. I've been playing 11-49 guage D'addario strings and they feel great. But I've been getting used to them, and I'd like my guitar to fight back a little bit more. I want to be able to really dig in and abuse this thing. So if I were to get 12-52 guages installed, wouldn't I need a truss rod adjustment? And if I get this adjustment, would I need to re-adjust if I decide to move back down to 11s? I play mostly in standard tuning, sometimes in drop C# for one of my bands. Thanks for any help I may recieve on these questions!
  2. I got the 57s installed, and they sound beautiful! Thanks for all the help guys
  3. Oh and btw, I dont feel like starting another thread (i've posted enough noobish questions on here already) so I thought I'd ask here. Do yall know where I can get my hands on some Sprague Bumblebee capacitors and for how much? Do they make em new? I see em on eBay, but I dont want to deal with buying used if I can get em new... I'm new to my tonal search in caps, so any help is appreciated.
  4. Yeah I think my Explorer is going to get pretty beatup so I doubt I'm going to try to refinish now. Any thoughts on what a reliced as hell Explorer would look like? The F*nders look great when they lose some finish, but how would the mahogany Explorer look with ebony finish? Any thoughts, pics, comments on that? I've already got a little growing rash on the top edge of the body, and a decent amount of wood is showing, but a chunk of finish would be quite different as you can imagine.
  5. I was just concerned that this was happening when my guitar is only 4 years old. I've seen plenty of older Gibsons that don't have this same problem. But then again, my Gibson is my oldest guitar, so I haven't had much experience with how finish ages. Any more thoughts out there? If more people verify it's just a natural aging process, I guess it should be alright. Still with my earlier questions, would I be able to have the paint removed and finished like the Gibson Explorer Pro mahogany finish? Could I get creme binding around the body, neck, and headstock? Or is the entire process overly expensive and difficult?
  6. I have other guitars that are older than didn't have the same problem.. I had a 1989 Squier Korean Str*t that had perfect finish without any ripples or anything. I mean, I'm all for beating up my guitar over the years (It has a few gashes and bumps) because over time through all the crazy shows it becomes a timeline. I like to jump and run around and really get into it when I play, so its gonna happen. But for some reason, this rippled finish is kinda weird to me. So you say its normal?
  7. I've had my '06 ebony Gibson Explorer for about 3 years now. When I first got the guitar, the finish was flawless. Over time, I've noticed a sort of wave on the top of the guitar. Right below the stoptail there's sort of a "rippling" type effect going on, but it's only visible from an angle and in decent lighting. Is this a finish imperfection? It isn't extreme, and you can't feel it. But from an angle, it's noticable. In case it helps, here'sa bit more info--- I haven't used polish in a while, my finish has had a bit of build up on the back and sides (not very much on the top though). It only got spread around more and cloudier when I tried to polish it. I keep my guitar in the case, half locked, laying so the guitar is on its back. My room is pretty hot and humid (i live in Texas and my room doesnt have a decent air conditioner). I'm planning on ordering some Virtuoso polish and cleaner this weekend... Is this rippling a problem? Should I get my guitar refinished? Could I refinish my Explorer like the mahogany Gibson Explorer Pro? If I can do that, could I get binding on my neck, headstock, and body? Thanks in advance
  8. Manet, it's nice to see another math rocker on this forum. I'm currently in the pickup upgrading situation. But my plan is bass ackwards to yours. I'm considering a 57 Classic neck and a Burstbucker Pro bridge. Aggressive bridge tone, and warm and clean neck tone. I'm looking for a The Fall of Troy type overdrive sound and a clean sound exactly as you described haha!
  9. Well, what I don't like about the ceramics is how hot they are. I want my amp to take care of the overdrive and get the fullest, cleanest signal going to the input. I heard setting up this way has a lot more clarity, and sounds a little fuller. I'm also not looking for that hot, saturated sound the 500t possesses. I haven't upgraded yet, I bought my 57 Classic for the neck, but my local shop is still waiting (3 WEEKS!) for my 57 Classic Plus. I think I'm gonna say "screw yall" and order elsewhere off the internet myself. I better get a discount. They told me it would take 5 days to get it hahaha. I'm actually taking a look at the Burstbucker Pro for the bridge also though, so I'm thinking about making a trip to a local shop and trying some guitars fitted with the BB Pro and compare them to the 57 Classic Plus. My Explorer is solid mahogany, so the tone is full and darker than a maple topped guitar. I've heard these BBs are brighter and more aggressive (some say harsher), so would that possibly brighten the tone up a bit? That's my guess. I also play with a dark amp (Orange Tiny Terror) so I guess a BB in the bridge couldnt get too overly bright. I've actually heard the 57 Classic in the neck and the Burstbucker Pro in the bridge is a good combination. It seems fine to me, an aggressive bridge and a smooth, full neck and both are alnico PAF designs. Any thoughts? Anybody try burstbuckers in an Explorer or any solid mahogany guitar?
  10. I would never in a million years drill into my Explorer dude. There's no need to hack it up or anything to install the Bigsby with a Vibramate. They are a metal plate that attaches to the screws on the stopbar. You just attach the Bigsby to that, so there's no need for drilling and removing it is fast and easy. I think tuning will become too big of an issue though, so my interest has definitely gone down. Btw, I actually like strange looking equipment. I have an Orange Tiny Terror and Orange PPC412 and coil cable (looks and sounds freakin sweet) so i've got the oddness started. I look forward to the future when I've gigged so much and so hard that my Explorer is relic'ed and beat like SRV's str*ts. When I play, I get into it and jump around and throw my hair and Explorer around. It's going to get beat up someday hahaha. It'll be like a timeline of shows and crazy events that caused each little memory, a bruise or scuff or even a chunk of finish missing. So having an odd looking vibrato arm would be fine for me. I mean, afterall, I play stuff like experimental rock and mathrock. So an odd looking guitar wouldnt be too out of place, especially not if I'm going crazy with my hair while alternating between 11/8 and 7/8 time. hahaha
  11. I actually dig the look if it's centered right. It's really ugly when the Bigsby is back really really far, but when it's in the right spot, i think it looks great. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3311/3236650471_3257331f5c.jpg?v=0
  12. I can't remember, I had a tech install them for me. But i do know they are kind angled slightly. Instead of being slanted away from the neck, it's more perpendicular to the neck. If that makes any sense haha That's one thing I was thinking about. The Bigsby's I've played on didn't detune too badly (at least not as bad as some strats I've played..). I've seen some roller nuts and rolling bridges, but I dont know very much about them. Have you heard of these rolling nuts and bridges? I'd prefer not to go locking, I dont want to drill. not to mention the maintenance and crap that goes into locking nuts. Btw, if I install the B5, it'll be with a Vibramate so I wont have to drill and can easily remove it. If it'll just keep going out of tune and be too costly, I'll forget the Bigsby hahaha. I dont like headaches and I like money.
  13. Thanks for the tip! By the way, your Explorers look amazing dude And I mean expensive compared to other polishes I've seen. Just because I spent a grand on my guitar years ago doesn't mean I even have money now. I'm 16 and work as a civil draftsman, getting paid by the job (and jobs are never in a steady flow) and I'm saving for a car. Everything is expensive for me right now ahahaha. I also blew all my saved cash on an Orange PPC412 and Gibson 57 Classics so i'm flat BROKE.
  14. That sounds perfect, it's expensive, but it sounds like they know what they're doing. I'm sure it's worth it. Thanks for the link and the help
  15. I have a Gibson Explorer in ebony (regretting ebony now, fingerprints show so easy) that has been building up gunk on the body for years. It basically looks like a giant fingerprint. There's a buildup on the area above the strings and pickguard, and on the back. I've tried putting some elbow grease to it and I've tried dampening my cloth with a tiny bit of water. I also tried some Meguiars product of some kind that someone recommended. Nothing has worked so far. I've searched this up on multiple forum sites, but I havent gotten any straight answers. I've read about lighter fluid as well as some other home remedies, but it's usually for guitars with a different finish, so I'm afraid to try it on my Explorer. Is there something I can use to power through this gunk? And how can I keep it from accumulating again?
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