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  1. Thanks guys, It is reassuring to learn the small differences between the production dates and to learn how to spell "pots". :) Thanks and have fun playing! Tom
  2. Hi, I bought a 2008 Standard model in march 2010. On the certificate it says it is finished in 2010, but on the neck it says 2009. (Probably because the neck was made at the end of 2009.) I noticed in reviews that it should have goldplated pods and Dunlop straplocks. Mine didn't have them. The pods are just plastic, with Gibson written on them. I bought it new in an official shop in Vienna, Austria. Maybe that is the reason... Does anybody know why? Thanks, Tom
  3. Thanks again for the replies! You are right that it is strange that only the G string is affected. This was in the beginning. Last week the B string had a little buzz as well. The technician was a professional who is connected to the retail shop. He said it would cost about 250 euro to fix the neck. But he couldn't garantee it would help. I hope Gibson will be able to fix it and if not, they will give me a new guitar. Thanks as well for the video. I will take a look at it. Enjoy playing!!! Tom
  4. Thanks for the replies! I didn't do any adjustments myself. The guitar is already on its way to Gibson, so I can't take pictures. But everything on it looks normal. The guy in the shop, who sold me the guitar explained me that the Gibson repair service in Europe is very difficult, takes a long time (4 to 5 weeks) and often doesn't repair it correctly. So I feel quite disappointed, but hope everything works out in the end. At least I still have my acoustic guitar to practise on. Otherwise I really liked the sound and playing characteristics of the LP Studio. Greetz, Tom
  5. Hi, I have a LP Studio and I bought the Vox VT30. I definitely prefer it over the Marshall 30W, because it has valves and great presets and effects. Try both of them and see which one you like best. Greetz, Tom
  6. Hi, I bought my LP Studio 2 months ago and even though I love playing on it, the problem is the G string rubbing against the frets. It has been repaired 2 times, but the problem reappears. Now the guitar will be sent back to Gibson Customer Service. It seems the wood in the neck bends. I hope Gibson will finally repair it for me or give me a new guitar without problems. Did any of you have experienced this kind of problem? Do you have good experiences with the Customer Service? Thanks! Tom
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