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  1. If I were selling that in UK, there are a tiny handful of auction houses that I would trust to value and agree a reserve price. Or a couple of vintage guitar shops that i would trust to sell on consignment. Let the experts handle all the time wasters, hagglers and tyre kickers and just enjoy the money when it comes in. But that's just me.
  2. Wow - would never have thought to put gold knobs on a guitar that; a) wasn't gold finish, or B) didn't have gold hardware. I was wrong! Will do this with my Firebird this weekend! thanks....
  3. I am very, very tempted by the Axcess - nothing wrong with that elegant sculpted heel on the neck joint, or with a bit of a belly cut, for us gents of a certain vintage...
  4. I might give it a try....... I have locking trems (1 x vintage Schaller-made Fender System 1 on an 80's Japanese Squier Strat, retro fitted with Semour Duncan Quarterpounders and 1 x Edge system on an Ibanez Jem 505) on 2 guitars out of a pool of 15 or so working guitars. When I need a guitar that will put up with some heavy handed abuse of the vibrato, I reach for one of those guys. This is usually for a pretty hard rock application and with the amount of gain I am generally using any concerns around tone are pretty academic. Especially with my middle aged, tinnitus suffering, 1 x perforated ear drum, cloth ears. Rock it!!! Manse
  5. Good man. I doff my hat in your direction. respect, Manse.
  6. manse

    First single

    Very professional indeed and very listenable. Loads better than me and my punk rock band would ever manage. Offered entirely in the spirit of constructive criticism, I was really waiting for the drums to come in. Then they came in - at just the right time - but they didn't sound as good as they could have done. I am listening on small speakers, but, compared to the rest of the sound (especially your lovely, lively sounding acoustic) the drums are really generic sounding, gated reverb, not very dynamic..... a big, live, airy drum sound would bring another dimension to the track. Not at all easy to do.... but maybe worth another go at the drum track? well done again though - sounds like putting the whole thing together was an inteesting project in itself! kindest regards, Manse
  7. Best bands seen in rough chronological order (of first time seen): Sabbath with RJD - 1981. 1st gig attended, aged 14. Ozzy with Randy Sabbath with RJD Motorhead Gillan Girlschool Accept Judas Priest Killing Joke PiL Hawkwind Marrilion AC/DC Whitesnake Blue Oyster Cult Saxon Twisted Sister Van Halen Gary Moore Scorpions Metallica Alice Cooper Richie Havens Scorpions Rainbow Clapton Dokken U2 The Cure Dio Glenn Campbell Zodiac Mindwarp George Benson Segovia Zappa Manic Street Preachers All About Eve The Mission The Cult Anthrax Slayer Nirvana Ultravox Dr & The Medics Bob Mould Buzzcocks John Ottway Fairport Convention Wilko Johnson Killers Sex Pistols Wreckless Eric Los Conejos Machine Head Paul Weller Joe Satriani Crass Brains getting tired now. God knows who I saw at Glastonbury - that is all a total blur.
  8. … on the tape deck, in the parent's Ford Capri, it was ABBA, Glenn Campbell and Neil Diamond. I still love 75% of that stuff….
  9. Oh yeah! Used to stay up late to watch that with my Dad when he wasn't away on a contract. Loved that sound. So evocative - even 40 years later! Thanks!
  10. I have been a fan since her first single… and never thought I would ever see her perform. I remember her one and only tour being on the bbc news…. I was too young to even think about going… but I was entranced. The only band I would consider paying more for is Zeppelin. I would have gone up to £500 to see the O2 show. Everyone else better be less than £40 absolute tops….
  11. £155 a piece. I got nowhere with Gigs and Tours, SeeTickets or Ticketmaster….. and was fuming…. but a mate got 4 tickets on Gigs and Tours website and let me have 2 for what he paid. Hats off to Mr. Will Williams!
  12. My CD arrived in the post today. It is truly outstanding. Saw Wilko live in Dunkirk years ago, in a double-header with John Otway (an equally "individual" talent) and quite a few times since, including last spring's "farewell" tour. His playing is always top notch and he is always a great presence. I also went to the BBC studios in Maida Vale last year to sit in the (tiny) audience while he talked and played his way through hs recollections of recording the first Feelgod album. Very, very funny stories (especially about Lemmy, the Clash and Ian Dury) and a very sharp witted, humble guy, facing his certain and untimely death with an admirably positive approach. With any luck, I will see him again at the Yeovil Blues Festival in May - never thought he would see another spring, and certainly never thought he would still be gigging. Hats off to Wilko.
  13. I saw the Blizzard of Oz and the Diary of a Madman tours from the front row in Cardiff - at the tender age of 13. Happy, happy days. And las year found audio for one of the gigs and the warm up on a fan site. Amazing interwebz...
  14. I am so impressed. Such hard work, dedication, effort and persistence desires a great pay-off….. and it looks like you have got a great pay-off. I have followed the thread since the beginning - I had doubts that you would ever produce a genuinely playable instrument, but I humbly eat my words. Brilliant work!! Looks and sounds great. Respect. Manse
  15. Yup - I got my first Saturday job just to save up for a guitar when i was about 14. Unloading fruit and veg from the early morning market into a greengrocers shop, keeping the shelves stocked, washing and peeling beetroot, chasing rats out of potato bins, flirting with the shop girls out back in the cold store… etc… got a black, Kay, Les Paul Custom copy (still have it) and ticket money for Black Sabbath at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, Jan 1981. Best thing I ever did!
  16. This may be first time that I prefer an "aged" version...
  17. Sounds good with the acoustic. Less impressive with the electric. My acoustic finger picking technique is not great - and is not my priority, so it is not going to improve much - so this might encourage me (if it is actually easy to use) to bring out an acoustic while jamming / songwriting. Might. Clever stuff though….
  18. ps. I LOVE the photos. Great gear and you were obviously having a great time! And I am guessing making great music!!
  19. Yeah - I like to hear bands at "proper" R'n'R volumes too. Sadly, those days seems almost entirely gone. In my experience even relatively "heavy" bands nowadays play at what I consider polite volumes. The loudest sounding band I have heard in recent years was PiL, playing at a very small venue in Cardiff and really turning up the bass…. haven't felt that visceral thump since….. I guess that the noise enforcement guys with their noise meters are just too prevelent. We will probably keep our hearing longer though…. Manse
  20. Get to the shops and try as many as you can, till you find one that you love - then buy it. Easy! I once spent an afternoon trying out guitars - I was looking for an all-out shred machine, to add to my collection of pretty mainstream instruments. Just out of curiosity, and because it was so pretty, I tried a USA '62 custom tele - 3 colour sunburst, double bound. From the first ringing chord, I knew that was the guitar I would be buying. That became my "go to" guitar that day and it still is, years later. Frankly, it is embarassing that I have so many instruments that I never really loved that much and rarely play, one year to the next. (Still like them enough not to sell them on though…)
  21. I will give one a try if it turns up in my local shop... I see the street price is about £265 - seems reasonable. (like I need another amp!!) Manse
  22. No - they have a uk distribution centre, but : Where are Eastwood® Guitars made?We make Eastwood® Guitars in three different factories based in Korea and China.
  23. Looks fine to me. Saw a few of these back in the day and there is nothing strange about this one...
  24. Yeah - I struggled to learn "Message in a Bottle' on my telecaster - switched to a Jaguar and *bingo* Those are tiring stretches....
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