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  1. 1967 Gibson EMS-1235 doubleneck tenor guitar and mandolin Here we see a super rare Gibson EMS-1235 doubleneck that pairs together a 4-string tenor guitar with a mandolin. It would appear to be a custom order, handmade by master craftsman William Westman in 1967. Note the pickups which are full 6-string sized but only have 4 polepieces.
  2. 1959 Gibson SG Gibson’s “SG” model name made its debut in mid 1959 with the SG Special. It was the exact same guitar as the Les Paul Special utilizing the double cutaway LP body but devoid of the “Les Paul” signature on the headstock and a pearl inlaid Gibson logo instead of the silk screen. The model remained unchanged except for a slight tweak of the neck pickup position for increased neck stability. The double cutaway/LP body style was discontinued in 1961 in favor of the SG body style as we know it today. This 1960 Gibson SG Special in museum grade co
  3. The only guitar that solves all fret intonation issues.
  4. Searcy


    I like those bridges because they have some huge intonations adjustments. You can also adjust the string spacing. So long as you can lower your pickup height enough you should be able to get the action down.
  5. Searcy


    The Schaller 3D-6 Bridge is what I like to use on those old funky import guitars.
  6. Bummer. I have really been hoping that the new Guild company would be a big hit.
  7. I have three tasteful bursts these days. Here's my favorite. SGs by Clint Searcy, on Flickr I think it's good.
  8. My 2015 has been one of the best guitars I have owned. The finish is amazing. I'm glad they fixed the brass nut issue.
  9. My guitar tunes itself.
  10. I rarely every buy anything new so I haven't bought 5 things from Amazon in 5 years. Prime wouldn't be worth it to me. I do have a Costco card though.
  11. Prime is a great deal for Amazon!! They give you FREE SHIPPING and all it costs you is $100!!!!
  12. Very cool! I like the new G-Force tuners. They look a little easier to get along with than the locks on my 2015.
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