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  1. ooops, guess not http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terminalia_superba
  2. ummm, Korina is a kind of mahogany isn't it?
  3. What makes you think it's a '73 Standard other than info on ebay? Does it have factory humbucker routes? A '73 '58 as the other poster references were made with P90s. "Standards" with humbuckers before '75 were special ordered through the factory. Pictures of the back of the headstock, routes and control cavity would be nice!
  4. There should be absolutely nothing keeping that 335 from being the sweetest thing ever. '92 is a great year for 335s. I recommend a good set-up to include proper P/U height.
  5. First thing I would do is lower the bridge pickup considerably. I find that is the main cause for bridge P/Us to be tinny. You may have to lower it more than seems logical. Use your ears and not your eyes for this adjustment.
  6. Mine isn't neck heavy, either...
  7. That depends. If the nitro was "satin finish" (Deft makes some) to begin with, you can't polish to gloss because it has a natural "haze" to it. You can make it shiney-er, but you won't have the depth of a true gloss finish. Gloss nitro, on the other hand, can be made to look like satin by 0000 steel wool. But, again, you won't have any real depth.
  8. It doesn't matter where they end up as long as it sounds right. I have some all over the map - even below the rings.
  9. '57s work pretty well with Customs, too. Might save you some scratch.
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