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  1. wait a sec guys!! what are you talking about here?? can someone give me the story in a nut shell? whats happening with Gibson ? is there any actual danger of shutting down the whole thing or selling it to a major corp?
  2. seen that on sweetwater . is that how they make those new j-45 today? and is that plastic?
  3. the one thing you MUST do when getting a new J-45 is replacing the plastic saddle that comes with it. its really a Shame Gibson are using those. a bone saddle would be perfect and give the guitar greater balance and the pickup will work better I've heard that Gibson are trying to add brightness to the sound of their new J-45 so they will not lose customers that seek bright modern sound. thats why they use those plastic saddles (I guess they add brightness to a new guitar) but they sound like plastic. anyway.. I dont know if its true..
  4. Here's another point that dosnt come to mind usually. our hearing changes from time to time. less wax more wax different pressure , running nose and more... so sometimes the guitar really sounds the same as always its just your hearing that picks it differently And... dry J-45 do sound better (not too dry) . more highs in generals. and sometimes the very middy J-45 needs it.
  5. I'm from Jerusalem Israel. 8 months of burning sun.... give me winter !!! I just bought this cool leather jacket 3 month ago and before I enjoyed it- sun again
  6. and I remember you guitar freaks are a tight bunch I guess
  7. Well... my favorite is Mark Knopfler. I do play lots of Atkins ,Travis, Reed stuff and lately some Woody Mann . I adore!! Paul Simon and his Guitar playing. only the guitar of Paul Simon can send shivers down my spine - cant really explain. and also: Tom Waits The Band The Eagles and Poco country legends like cash Jennings and Nelson and many more
  8. indeed a small world. but 130000 views mostly from USA . I guess every player in the nation seen this crappy video I'm into folk blues and fingerpicking stuff
  9. sure... I'm playing with the truss rod all the time(its a fetish I have) - just a touch - even 1/6 of a turn makes a big difference and there is really no harm in that.
  10. yes I'm letting the guitar to dry . no big changes yet but it sure sounds wonderful and the action is just the way I like it. even if it stays like this I dont really care.
  11. My vote went for the J-45 I've even been accused for unfair match when people stated that I'm not playing the HD28 hard enough so now can I stay? :)
  12. I used to use this forum 6 years ago and then for some reason I forgot all about it.... just reviewed some topics and there are some great comments and nice people here.so, Gibson Forum is back in my Bookmarks . and here's a secret - I'm the guy who posted that video on youtube of Martin HD28 vs Gibson j-45 youtube link
  13. shubb is just a different class above all capos even pricier ones the new shubb deluxe is amazing.
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