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  1. i dont get it, you buy a used sg vos and cant find the date of birth, mine comes up pre 1977, no candy with the sg, serial number 055682 any info appreciated.
  2. thanks for the reply's, seem's wrong to me, metal on metal, think i will make me a wafer thin rubber one and see if that fit's the bill.
  3. hi, my vibrola arm recently went loose all of a sudden, am i right in thinking there should be some kind of washer between the arm and the plate, any info appreciated.
  4. picked up one of these used today, and was a little confused by the 6 number serial, and no made in usa stamp, ran it through the machine and it come's up with made in kalamazoo in 67, now im guessing that is part of the vos vintage thing, anyone throw any light on this, i always get nervous with gibson's.
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