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  1. Thanks! The only reason I asked was because this guitar is going up on a wall and sitting there, to never be played again. Figured for the reason, if worth anything, sell them to someone who will use them. Again, thank you everyone!
  2. Thank you guys! Any idea on how much these would be worth, if anything?
  3. I am restoring a guitar for a friend. Story: It's a no-name Japan SG look a like. His friend gave him the pickups out of his Gibson In the Early 80's. He put the Gibson pickups in his SG Look a like. I would like to know if these are true gibson pickups. If you need more pictures, or anything, Let me know.
  4. That's what i figured. Thanks. :]
  5. It's been a while since i've been on here, but i wanted to ask you guys about something. I have been offered this bass in a trade. I have been researching some stuff, and i can't find much info on basses. I am having a hard time believe it is what he is saying. He claims to have a 1967 Gibson SG bass. Here is the catch, it was "refinished" and the logo never put back on. Just curious as to if this is even real. Heads up. Pictures will be posted later, i can't upload to photobucket, and tinypic won't give me link codes Thanks. EDIT: http://i48.tinypic.com/a57r
  6. I think this is the wrong place my friend. Honestly, i doubt you'll reach it. If you do, let's see what they price it at.
  7. haha. Please do not hate Guitars: 2004 Takamine Acoustic. 2002 Squier Bullet 200? Squier '51 ???? Harmony Electric 2007 Jasmine by Takamine A/E Rouge A/E First act acoustic I am a mean cruel person =
  8. Oh okay, i take it you live in a secluded part somewhere. Well i am sorry to hear of this, good luck on finding one my friend! or just find a rich girl ;]
  9. Hey GLP1319: Here is my best advice to you. If you have a music store near you, i.e: Guitar Center, Local Shops, Maybe even a pawn shop. Go to the stores and try out different models of guitars. Trust me on this one! Strats are generally the same, appearance wise, but the necks on them are different radiuses, pickups, wood tones. I've heard horror stories of people ordering strats online, to only not be able to play them because they are so uncomfortable. So go get a feeling for the different necks and things, and then order based off that.
  10. Ive had great experiences, i never meet at a house or bring them to mine. I've sold 2 guitars, old cards, video games. Bought 2 snes's, my gibson les paul. You can meet some cool people that way. Just be careful.
  11. I just recently turned to gibson, i have always been a strat guy. I know this sounds sooo crazy, but do not dismiss a squier. Squier just introduced the classic vibe series. I am a member of strat-talk and they talk very highly of these, most compare them to USA strats.
  12. I feel stupid :D I clicked the link and i thought it didn't work so i kept clicking it, before you know it, i had a handful of these pages up -.- Thanks neo, haha.
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