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  1. I'm not sure it will help you identify yours, but these are in a '65 ES-345TDC. Good Luck. Don
  2. Yes, the pickups are PAF. I had been moving towards two-channel Fenders and tried out '65 and '68 Deluxe Reissues. I was lining up a (non-Custom) Vibrolux when I got derailed by a broken wire on the Varitone. We mic everything in the small group I'm with now so I don't need anything huge either. In fact, I've decided to sell my Ampeg VT-22 for that reason (great amp, but 90 pounds). Thanks for the info.
  3. The 'True-Stereo Test' did indeed identify my tone issue, or the majority of it. Running stereo through two amps brought my highs much more closely to where I want them. I have no interest in having the guitar gutted/modded to a mono system, so I'll be further investigating the possibility of flipping a magnet. Thanks for your suggestion, which I probably should have tried by now anyway. I'd still be interested in what amps other vintage 345 owners use. dfd
  4. I do have a 'true' stereo cable, though not the original which disappeared sometime in the 70's. I go between 10's and 11's on strings so nothing in the Billy Gibbons range. I have run the stereo cables through both channels in the Ampeg but not through two separate amps. This I'll try in the next couple of days. Will post. Thanks for the reply, btw.
  5. I've just recently started playing out again and need some advice. I'd like to know what other ES-345 owners are using for amps/effects. I know that tone is subjective but I'm finding that my high strings are very thin. My group currently plays 'classic stuff' from Neil Young/Tom Petty to Sheryl Crow/Linda Ronstadt. As attached, I have a'65 (which I bought new while in my high school band) with a 'jumped' cable so it's coming out mono, into either a solid state 1-12 Marshall or my '73 VT-22 Ampeg. If my 16 year-old self knew what I know now I probably would have opted for an LP, but I fell in love with the look and feel; love the '60's necks. So, other 345 owners, what are you using/what are you playing?
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