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  1. Found out, according to gibson specs, that it is a 1 piece rosewood board. Still curious on the lack of ABR-1 on it, from you guys. Sounds like a non-issue, and I don't want to resurrect old debate, but just curious on a couple of vintage preferring fellows. 2 vs 1 piece body really doesn't matter to me. I've got a 2 piece SG 61' that plays and sounds better than any I've ever held.
  2. Great looking geetars! I'm a 61 reissue user myself, and I am really liking the looks and most importantly the reviews by the reputable members here. It must be a great guitar. A question I have is about the nashville bridge. It seems that none of you mind that it has that over the abr-1. I'm looking to buy another 61 reissue, but have seen some 90's models that have the abr-1's and the 2000 years with the nashville for sale. I'm kinda on the fence. I've seen some bent posts on the abr-1's so I'm leaning toward the nashville to remedy any worry of that and to not have a retainer clip, etc. Do you guys think the nashville is better? I'm assuming so or you would have complained a little about the SG Original. Also, do these originals have rosewood 1 piece fretboards, and apparently the 2 piece is a non-issue to you experts as well?
  3. Agreed. I've owned both and preferred the 61' USA reissue. I liked the neck better on it. They also sound as close to the same as you can get, and saving a little money is a good thing. It's easy to get caught up in owning the "best top of the line" in anything, and the CS models are hyped as such, and the certificate of authenticity makes it "official", but this is just hype imo. I also thought the QC was better on the 61'. I've seen several CS models that had finish bleed on the binding, and gaps between the neck and plastic cover above the neck pickup. My CS also had some overspray from the neck onto the nut. I was able to razor blade it off, and it is unnoticeable now, but still it shows bad QC. Just my experience. This doesn't mean it happens on every guitar.
  4. I'd be sending that back for a full refund. You'll find another one just like it without the break. This happened to me a few weeks ago. I bought a LP DC Special limited run of 300. Seller didn't disclose a neck break. I returned it, and a few weeks later found another one identical to it in better condition and without the break for the same price. be patient, and get what you pay for.
  5. Hello, I have been thinking of buying a LP special faded double cutaway. All I have seen have the 4 tone/volume controls and p90's. While looking, I came across an interesting model from 1997. It appears to be a LP double cutaway special, but has a full cherry finish, 4 tone/volume controls, binding on the neck with dot inlays, and humbuckers instead of p90's. Does anyone have any info on this model? was it a very limited run or perhaps a one off, or a modded guitar with a pro finish added later, etc. Basically, did Gibson make this guitar for a short while? Most double cuts I see with humbuckers are "studios" or just LP doublecuts with 2 tone controls. I've tried searching the discontinued models on the Gibson site, but cannot find any detailed info or pictures.
  6. thanks for the post. good info. Been awhile since I was in here, but I did, in fact, pick up another SG 61' and it is a 1 piece. I also believe it has the quarter cut you speak of as well. It is a great feeling guitar. I have played the custom shop reissue, and actually owned one for awhile. I did not like the neck on them nearly as much as I do on the 61' reissues, at least with the one I owned. But, a good suggestion nonetheless.
  7. Glad you're happy with it. But, it p's me off they that sold it as a mint condition used guitar. At least they were honest about the used part, but don't you think they should have disclosed the imperfection? This is why its best to try before you buy, "if possible". If I saw this guitar in the store with this imperfection, I could decide then and there if I could live with it or not, and hopefully get it a a lower price to make up for it. But, when you spend the top dollar and it comes that way, I think it is a raw deal. That is a pretty good price for you though, so tip of the hat if it is not an issue for you.
  8. 1. SG reissue 61' note the space between #1 and the others 2. Explorer with EMG's getting ready to be taken out and replaced, but it's still #2 as it plays incredible 3. Fender Jaguar with dimarzios (from my grunge days, but it plays so well and is versatile as heck) 4. Hagstrom Viking great hollowbody tone at a great price, and it plays like a dream. 5. PRS Mira- very SG like really, with a mahogany slab and double cutaway, neck is slim wide neck similar to the 61', but it's 25" scale.....very versatile with the coil tapping, but it's my #5 due mainly to the styling...as far as tone goes, it's probably more like #2-3....
  9. Thanks. I was going to ask about the jack, because some of the EMG sets I'm seeing on ebay have an output jack with them. That must be why. I'll post some pictures of this guitar soon.
  10. well my first sg reissue was a 2 piece. I was happy with it, but needed a backup guitar, and decided to just get another 61' so that is why I was being picky about finding a 1 piece. But, I'll tell ya, I think I still like my 2 piece slightly better. Both of these guitars are 2009 models. My original guitar weighs 6lbs 14oz (2 piece), while the one piece weighs 6lbs 8oz. They're very close on that regard, and they feel and play as close as any 2 sg's I've played before.........for reference I bought a 1 piece 2008 reissue and kept it a week and returned it. It felt awful compared to my first 2 piece SG. It was set up well, but just didn't have a great feel to it, and it sounded brighter and treblier and just harsher.....I then found a 2 piece 2010 model, bought it and played it a week, returned it. It was heavier at about 7.5 lbs, and felt too chunky. It played pretty well, but had a darker and muddier sound and didn't resonate as well as my first SG......finally, insert the most recent 2009 1 piece that I found, it is as close to my first one as I have found. The neck feels slightly thinner, but very close......but really, the one piece vs 2 piece thing is a moot point with these guitars......The bottom line is a good guitar is a good guitar regardless of the pieces. I've learned that first hand. I also played every reissue I could get my hands on in every store I have been in over the time I was looking, so I played a lot more than the ones I talked about above. The next best playing 61 SG I've seen is in the Guitarcenter in Nashville, TN. If it is still there and the same one I played, it is an excellent guitar. I'd like to add too, that the 2008 guitar was the most resonant of the bunch when played acoustically, but when plugged in, it sounded the worst........so while resonance is a good thing, having more of it doesn't always mean it'll sound better to your ears once plugged in. Selecting the right guitar is such a personal thing, that you really have to be experience enough to know exactly what it is you like before you can do it accurately. All of the comments in the forum can give you guidelines on what to look for, but you have to know from experience what you like and what you're after. At the end of the day, most any Gibson you buy is probably going to be good enough, but it really is amazing how different guitars feel and play that are the same model.....Try before you buy is impossible for many, but really is the only way to know for sure if you're getting a great playing guitar or not.
  11. I played a 500t/496r exp. in a store last week, through a Marshall JVM......... I also played an SG Standard with the 498 side by side with it. I liked the Explorer sound much more, but I don't know how much was pickup and how much was guitar, but It was a pretty substantial difference in tone. The Explorer was more aggressive and the SG was warmer.......the explorer made the JVM sound better at all settings to my ears.........maybe I should just go with the 500t and 496 over the dimarzios, but at least put 500k pots in it.
  12. make sure you get some overdrive going on the amp too. I'm sure you probably already know that. But, when I was more of a newb I'd plug into a bassman in a store to compare pickups, and if you play dirty, you're not going to get a true representation of the pickup differences, as they will react with distortion differently. Just because one set sounds better clean, doesn't mean it'll sound better with the dirt..........I learned this the long way once before. I had a fender jagstang. The bridge pickup in that guitar is junk!! I put a burstbucker in it, and played it side by side with a friend's jag that still had the stock p'up. The clean tones were not that dis-similar.......at least they both sounded about as good as the other, but when you started to overdrive the amp, the difference was substantial...........The 490's vs 57's will be much more subtle than that test.....
  13. I wouldn't buy another one, without going into an actual store and trying it out and inspecting first. That sucks, for sure. Don't give up on the SG, though. It's a great guitar. I'm so surprised that you've had these issues. The only "defect" I've seen out of any Gibson me or my friends have bought in the last 3-4 years (which is about 12 guitars) is, a poorly cut nut, and some VERY slight finish bleedover from the neck onto the binding........it was so slight though, it was a non-issue.
  14. I wish I had gotten here sooner. Since that guitar was new, I'd bet my left nut that you could have had that guitar sent to Gibson and they would have repaired and refinished the headstock. I contacted their custom shop about refinishing a headstock on an SG a few months ago, and the price they gave me was what I considered to be fair. So, you may have been able to work out a partial refund with MF and then paid for the repair, as Gibson could have sent you a quote on the total cost. I'm betting though, that big of a defect would have been covered under the Gibson warranty. With that it would have been a free repair. Even, so there still would have been a possibility of them just sending you a new guitar, depending on how severe that defect really is to the overall integrity of the neck. I'm sure your new guitar will be just as good. If it doesn't feel as good at first, have it setup, as that may make the difference. Lots of these guitars have shoddy setups out of the box, some have a good setup and those are the ones that feel the best. I try to never make a judgement on a guitar unless it is setup properly.
  15. Nope!! I'm done for guitars! Honest! For 10 years I only had 1 guitar, so trust me, I'm done. I am, however, on the hunt for a gibson thunderbird bass guitar though. I don't have a bass guitar, and will be needing one as I plan to do some solo recording at home. I'm borrowing my dad's P bass right now, but I like the Tbird tone, better.
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