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  1. Loved the first one...had to get a second. (But to be honest, had John not sanded down his Casino I would have just the one.) I Lennonized the burst, the natural is an Inspired By
  2. I don't know how many guitars you have, but that loose jack will happen on just about every one of them over the years. If you have a number of guitars or even just one, I strongly suggest that you plunk down twenty bucks and buy this incredible little tool: the String Swing Guitar Jack Tool An amazing gadget that tightens up any loose jack and does so by not allowing the inner socket to spin (which can lead to severing the wires to the jack...then you have soldering to do...a mess). The way the tool works is very clever; it actually opens up to hold fast the inner jack while you tigh
  3. I like both the burst and natural (and John Lennon) so I bought one of each. First one I bought was the burst, so I guess I like that color better. I'm not looking for a third Casino, but, man, the color of the Gary Clark Jr. models is very nice:
  4. 1. A Casino is a completely hollow bodied guitar. Well, not really. If you look in through the f-hole you can see a block of wood directly under the bridge. It is that block that gives support to the top and I suppose what the bridge is mounted to. 2. The burst with the slight red is more of the vintage finish. Your best chances of getting that are on the Elitist models or the Inspired By John Lennon models. But oddly enough, even though I have a Standard Casino, sometimes when I photograph it a bit of red appears! On the other hand, John Lennon's Casino has red in some photos and just bla
  5. Whoa, cool guitar. I've never seen a black Casino before. Didn't even know they made them. Very cool and different.
  6. Man, charlie brown, you have been posting one great photo after another. Beautiful stuff. That JetGlo Ric with the gold plastic is very nice. And I know what you mean by modding the guitar with the gold just to be different. I went MidnightBlue for my 330 -- just to be different -- and then I added the gold plastic to be even more different. It is a unique look that you really do not see much of.
  7. I have two Casinos and I string them up with very different sets of strings so I can get a full complement of tones. On my natural I have Gibson Brite Wires .10 - .46s On my burst I have GHS flatwounds .10 - .42s On my natural with the Gibson Brite Wires I get a real ripping tone. Very bright with a lot of bite. On my burst Casino with the flatwounds, the flats give me two tones depending upon which pickups I am using. With the bridge or bridge/neck pickup I get an early rock sound. Think the lick from "Day Tripper." And when I play with just the neck pickup, the flats give me a s
  8. I always wanted an SG. Loved the classic cherry color, but never got the push to buy one. Then I saw this SG Standard in Natural Burst on that Sweetwater guitar gallery and it took me about ten seconds to buy it: Here's my Natural Burst SG. Sweetwater photographed it a lot better than I can:
  9. I bought one of my Casinos simply because of color. I first had the burst Casino. Love everything about it. But being a Lennon fan I desired a Casino in the natural finish. So I bought a second Casino...simply for its color.
  10. Don't know. It varies. I don't know the science behind it, but if you have single-coil hum, you can get rid of it by turning your body a certain angle. That's just basic guitar playing. Players learn that before they learn their first bar chord. I expect the electric buzz/hum from single coils, but was perplexed when my SG did it. I was led to believe that humbuckers are silent. I was fooled. I feel shame. I dealt with my shame by buying a BOSS Noise Suppressor pedal. It works like magic. My guitars are now so silent I don't even hear the notes I am playing. Love my Noise Suppress
  11. Yeah, my SG does this, too. Kind of made me angry. My SG was my first humbucker guitar and I was led to believe that unlike single coils, the humbuckers buck the hum and they would be silent. I can get them completely silent if I turn my body a ceratin angle, just like my Strat. But isn't my SG supposed to be different than my Strat when it comes to pickup noise? Now the noise is no way as loud as my single coil guitars, but it is there. Thought it wasn't supposed to be there.
  12. Dude, just be thankful that is the only buzzing/rattling your guitar is displaying. When I got my first Casino I heard a dreaded rattle. Damn! I looked all over...bridge, strings, nut, pickups improperly installed, truss rod sympathetic vibration.... Was I glad that all it was was the tip of my selector switch. This happens on a lot of Cainos. I suppose you can try to replace the old with a new switch, but do you really want to do that repair (and it may not solve the problem) for something so minor? Mine rattled once or twice when I first got the guitar, but now I don't even know if
  13. If volume hurt a guitar there would never have been rock and roll. Turn it up. Guitars tend to sound better LOUD!
  14. I have bought a number of products from them, great products and top service. You'll be happy. Here on my burst Casino is the foil E I bought from Axetreme. Does the job perfectly.
  15. The Beatles. If The Beatles hadn't played Epiphone Casinos and an Epiphone Texan, there is no way I would have bought from the Epiphone line.
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