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  1. Excellent, I'm really looking forward to getting one of them. I've been good, working a lot and bought a house so I have very little time to play or relax. Plus the girlfriend is pushing for a ring... You know how that is.
  2. Let me know when you have some of those Rangemasters finished, Dub. I'd like to pair it up with the AC30.
  3. Wait, you're on ILF too? I messaged Dub there a couple months back but I never got a response. He's a good guy hope he comes back around soon.
  4. Yep! All 5 wires that run through conduit in the hinge to the license plate lights had broken from use/old age and were causing a short. Some cramped quarters soldering in there, but it went perfectly.
  5. I just spent a couple hours out in the sun splicing and soldering wires in the trunk of my old Mercedes... wasn't exactly the fun kind of DIY..
  6. I don't have any photos but a lot of family members were musicians. Mom played violin, my grandfather (her father) played drums, violin and accordian in local bands. Never got to meet him as he died of a heart attack when my mother was twelve. My great uncle Archie is one hell of an accordian player. On my father's side my grandfather played piano, organ, and harmonica, my uncle is an outstanding bass player, and my cousin is a superb piano player. He played for GW Bush at the white house, he's now a lawyer at a firm in Paris and plays quite regularly there.
  7. Hi Jeff I live in Kansas City what kind of music do you play?

  8. Hi Jeff I live in Kansas City what kind of music do you play?

  9. MKII Tonebender I'm currently working on, have to drill out the enclosure a bit to fit the pots then I'll be ready to wire it up and give it a go.
  10. New MBV album at EOY? Please let it be real! Shields has teased us before with promises of a new album of new material. At least they reissued the e.p.s earlier this year.

  11. That looks sick man. You're making me want to try my hand at it, I'd probably butcher the damn thing.
  12. That's already pretty sick looking, coming together quickly!
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